LOTD 7/31/14

Yes sadly no songspiration for today. This look isn’t my “norm” but I still dig it. ❤

HAIR: Tameless Gretta Naturals
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Hartlyn Cocoa [Group gift/Free join]
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes in Military Green
LIPS: .:Panda Punx:. Sinful Lips in Verguenza
VEST: Loordes of London The Joplin Rock #11 @ Fi*Friday
BRA: Loordes of London Kings Sports Bra Chocolate @ Fi*Friday
PANTS: Loordes of London Allier Slacks #26 @ Fi*Friday
NECKLACE: Pure Poison Boho Time Necklace [Group gift]
LOCATION: The Far Away



Just to be clear I have no clue how on God’s green Earth the game of chess works. All I know is I was wanting to take my pictures on a gigantic chess board because this adorable hat and bowtie by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations! Instead I found myself back on the Dimbula Rose store sim, which I have used many times in the past because she has a really beautiful garden set up including a Mad Hatter’s tea party area. I ventured into her actual store and was reminded how each floor has an Alice in Wonderland theme. The third floor is where I chose to take my pics. While not a chess board, it had the same color scheme I was looking for and the floor was close enough to make me happy 😀 This is a sim and store worth checking out especially if you’re into the gothic lolita Alice stuff ❤

HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Lark Black Ombre
SKIN: [PUMEC] Vlada [Free]
EYES: Chus! Poppet Lens in Feral
TOP: Cambridge House Morgan Top ar6 [$1L]
SKIRT: L!KE My Slutty Little Skirt Leo in Night @ Suicide Dollz
PANTIES: Tameless Smexy Lingerie in Black
TOPHAT & BOWTIE: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Checkmate Tophat & Bowtie @ MIXMATCH After 6 Days Event Sim [How this event works: The designers have one exclusive item at the event sim. When you purchase this first item, you will also receive a HUD that gets you 50% off the second exclusive which is at the mainstore location. For Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations the first exclusive is the tophat and the second exclusive is the bowtie!]
CUFFS: ~Sassy!~ Polished Cuff Bracelets in Black
STOCKINGS: -UtopiaH- My Double Garter Stockings [Plain]
SHOES: Dark Midday Designs Princess Pumps
POSES: Glitterati Model Pack 33 Poses 324 & 328
LOCATION: Dimbula Rose Store

It’s a Neapolitan Ice Cream kind of day :D

Keeping in the big tradition of my predictable randumbness and my love of sweets, I feel as though my post title is appropriate. I mean look at me in this post. 😀 I know black is not a color in neapolitan ice cream, but this still makes me think of it whether it makes much sense or not =P I am slowly on the mend and did further research into mono finding that it could take me weeks to fully heal -___- Eh oh well. I’m good at being lazy which is what my doctor prescribed – lots of rest and fluids. And SL is restful to me. Mostly lol It has it’s moments. Anyways, onto the post!

HAIR: .ploom. Pickle in Candy Pack
SKIN: Pink Acid Jakki Cream {Bare} @ Manga Fair [ENDS SOON!!]
EYES: The Sugar Garden Mori Eyes in Deep Blue
CROWN: .:Buttery Toast:. Rule of Cute Crown Pink
CHOKER & CUFFS: .:Buttery Toast:. Rule of Cute Choker & Cuffs Set in Black @ Black Dot Project
SCEPTER: .:Buttery Toast:. The Rule of Cute Scepter in Pink
BODYSUIT: Perch Caught Up in Black @ Body Boudoir
SKIRT: The Sugar Garden Princess Tutu in Black

Manga Fair is almost overrr!

So hurry up and get over there =P It ends in a couple days. There are tons of designers with lots of stuff not to mention the sim is kawaii beyond belief so it’s definitely worth checking out! To see all my previous posts about this fair >> Click Here << and also check out the >> Flickr Page Here << for many other awesome posts showcasing this fair! The clock is ticking though so go go go!
HOOD/MASK: [geek.] Wolf Princess in Black @ Manga Fair
OUTFIT [Dress/Necklace/Sash/Stockings/Garter]: ***Ambrosia*** Vintage Satin Dress in Black @ Manga Fair
LOCATION: Bentham Forest

This war is ours

Baby, don’t talk to me
I’m trying to let go
Not loving you is harder than you know
If you don’t want me then
I guess I’ll have to go
Not loving you is harder than you know…

Don’t mind me for using an emotastic song for today’s songspiration. It’s my iPod shuffle’s fault okay. Given that I am not feeling half of a quarter of 100% and due to my daily overthinking…this song just seemed to fit my mood. But I do hope this post finds the rest of you doing well lol I’m not trying to be a total Depressing Dina =P Every now and then it just feels good to let some emotion out.

HAIR: Tameless Leeyah Fades
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Kelsie {Summer Love} @ Black Dot Project
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes in Brown
TOP: Loordes of London Parkerside Top #10 @ Lyfe of Style
PANTS: Loordes of London Allier Slacks #11 @ Lyfe of Style
EARRINGS: Loordes of London The 7th Letter #7 @ Black Dot Project
WATCH: Loordes of London Killing Time #1 @ Lyfe of Style
POSES: Vanity Poses Ready Poses 5 & 6 [Comes w/holster & gun] @ Manga Fair
LOCATION: Hazardous

I didn’t use a great light setting for these earrings so I switched it to show you better how they look :]

This could be paradise

This has been the unhealthiest year for me. Back in March I was diagnosed with the flu and strep throat. Yesterday I was diagnosed with an ear infection and mono -___- Needless to say, I’ve been feeling quite lethargic and been an even lazier bum than I already am. But I’m feeling a bit better today after getting lots of good rest the past couple as well as a healthy diet of water and soup. I am jealous that my avi never gets sick lol and today felt like a good day for a beach post 😀 Also The Black Dot Project event opened today! Yet another one of many events to check out. 

HAIR: Tameless Vera Naturals [Group gift]
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Kelsie {Summer Love} @ The Black Dot Project
EYES: The Sugar Garden Mori Eyes in Deep Blue
BIKINI: Loordes of London Saint Tropez Bikini #7 @ The Black Dot Project
CHOKER & CUFFS: .:Buttery Toast:. Rule of Cute Choker & Cuffs in Gold @ The Black Dot Project
EARRINGS: Loordes of London Hooke’s Law #4 @ The Black Dot Project
POSE: Glitterati Model Pack 33 Pose 322

I want a giraffe

I literally want a pet giraffe that is teal with polka dots just like the one I’m holding. We have this giant empty backyard with dead grass so I think it might work out okay lol I’m not really sure what exactly is going on with me today but I’m not feeling 100% Maybe it’s allergies or hay fever or some kind of weird cold but who knows. I’m hoping it blows over soon. I’ve got a birthday party to plan this weekend and family coming in for a visit so I’m gonna be busy busy and need my energy. 

HAIR: Tameless Lilly Naturals
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Kaori {Pink Clouds} Light Skin @ Manga Fair
GLASSES: .Pekka. Kawaii Glasses in Black @ Manga Fair
TOP: Perch Sweatin’ It in Aqua Stripe @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
SHORTS: Perch Sweatin’ It Shorts in Dk Grey @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
NECKLACE: .:Buttery Toast:. Kawaii in Teal @ Manga Fair
NAILS & RING: .Pekka. Gradient Nail Applier for SLink/Heart & Wings Ring in Teal @ Manga Fair
GIRAFFE: :Forever Young: Cutie Patootie Giraffe in Teal & Black Gacha Prize @ Manga Fair
SOCKS: {Witches & Rats} Melty Stars Socks in Grey
SHOES: Perch Cutie Sneaks in Lamby Aqua @ Manga Fair

Change the weather, still together when it ends <3

Carrying over from yesterday when it was raining and the fact I was having a discussion about Maroon 5 with my bestie a couple days ago… I revisited their old [but good] stuff like Sunday Morning 😀 Hence the “songspiration”. While it is not Sunday nor raining irl or in my background – I was still feeling this song lol
HAIR: Tameless Evie Naturals Roots
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Morganne Milk {Void} @ Feeb’s Rascals Sales Room
EYES: [Detour] Gamma Eyes in Brown
DRESS: Loordes of London Pinjore Dress Blackberry Gold/Pink for SSW
BRACELET: POMPOSITY Multi Cross Bracelet Full
RING: POMPOSITY Multi Cross Ring
PURSE: Loordes of London The Discus #29 for Pure Contagion
SHOES: Loordes of London Messina Heels #1 for SLink Mid Feet for Pure Contagion


Rainy days :]

Rain makes me happy. Lots of things make me happy but it’s been so dry and unbearably hot here lately. So after cleaning house for a bit I look outside and notice that it’s a pleasant grey color and there is water falling from the sky :] I really love rain. Even when it rains too much and floods our front yard and turns our backyard into a swamp lol Obviously no song with this post today just mellow happiness ❤

HAIR: Tameless Marie @ Hair Fair
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Neri Cream @ Lubbly Jubblies
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes in Icy Blue
BOW: Mad Echo Kyary Bow White
TOP: Loordes of London Lucci Tank #13 @ Lyfe of Style
SKIRT: Lamp*Light Frill Tutu Skirt $1L
NECKLACE: Loordes of London The Tonan Queen #9 @ Naughty Niche Fair
BRACELET: Loordes of London Onyx Rutile Lt Version #3 @ Naughty Niche Fair
PURSE: Loordes of London Pachia Purse #8 @ Lyfe of Style
POSES: Verocity Kiyomi #3 & 4 @ Manga Fair

Wednesday Blues

Let me just kick this post off by saying – it’s hard to be a mom sometimes. Lol. I realize that’s a simple statement that covers over a multitude of situations. The current situation for me being – my daughter doesn’t sleep well or eat… She’s happy to sustain a healthy diet of chips [or “chisp” as she says it] and candy -_____- So I am navigating the fun waters of trying to balance her out better without being too forceful. It’s a learning experience everyday but I love it :] All that to say – she is mellowish while I make this post and actually even ate some nuggets for lunch so there’s some progress – yay me! 😀


SKIN & SHAPE: .:Panda Punx:. Scarlette Cream {Flame} Skin & Scarlette Shape for Passion 4 Red Hunt
HAIR: Tameless Lana Fades Roots @ Hair Fair
EYES: The Sugar Garden Galaxy Eyes in Silver
BOW: The Sugar Garden Crowned Jewel Hairbow in Black
HORNS: PANTSU*HUNTER Cornua Horns in Black/Silver
DRESS: Yasum Goth Doll @ Manga Fair
NECKLACE: !NFINITY Wings of Time Dark for Around the Grid Hunt 2
PANTIES: Yasum Booty Hugger Hands Off @ Manga Fair
SCEPTER: .:Buttery Toast:. The Rule of Cute Silver
SHOES: .REIGN. Darling Wedges in Black @ Manga Fair
POSE: Glitterati Model Pack 33 Pose 322