Red hot ;]

Speaking of hot, that’s about how the weather is where I am. Hot, dry and windy with lots of dust that I wish were rain… -___- Puts a damper on my swim/tan plans for the afternoon so before a nap, I threw together another post! 😀

RedHotSKIN: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Castiel Sunkiss
EYES: [Detour] Gamma Eyes in Green (Dark sclera)
HAIR: ! SugarsmacK ! Cate in Coco Pudding
OUTFIT [TOP, SKIRT, LEGGINGS & BLACK BANGLES]: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Jazmin @ The Boobies Planet [$65L!!! Ends July 2]
SHOES: *COCO* Flat Ankle Boots in Black [FREE group gift]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [FREE]
EARRINGS & NECKLACE: +:+WTG+:+ Star Fish Set @ The Old Europe Starfish Hunt [FREE/Ends July 15]
RING [RIGHT HAND]: – B L E U – FantaSea 4Finger Ring *GOLD* [FREE]
RINGS [LEFT HAND]: Rotten Defiance Starfish Rings in Red & Yellow [FREE group gift]


I am as vain as I allow


SKIN: Panda Punx Kimmie Skin [FREE]
HAIR: D!va Akane in Topaz [Group gift – FREE to join]
EYES: AG. Shine Eyes Grey [FREE]
LIPSTICK: Panda Punx Gift Lips in Pink Plaid for Endless Summer Hunt
CLEAVAGE: Curious Kitties Chest Enhancer [On FREEbie wall]
DRESS: Sassy! Ingenue Dress in Teal for The Boobies Show!
SHOES: ::TGIS:: London FW Satin Pumps Black [In gift box on counter @ *Mon Cheri*]
STOCKINGS: *X*plosion LadyLike SocksNormal Black [Part of LadyLike Outfit in FREEbie Outfit boxes in the basement]
GLOVES: *X*plosion Fishnet Gloves Black Normal [In FREEbie boxes in the basement]
NAILS: alaskametro Nail Makeup in French Teal [FREE]
HAIR ACCESSORY: TGIS Hair Accessory Noir [In gift box on counter @ *Mon Cheri*]
PURSE: Schoen Party Hand Bag in Black/Silver
EARRINGS/NECKLACE: Addiction Circle Medallion Drop Earrings & Necklace Gift Set for Seraphim Turns Two Event [FREE to join Seraphim group – lots of gifts available!]
BRACELETS: Dark Mouse Bracelets for The Free Dove [FREE]

She’s an 8 ball, rollin faster than a white ball

I was listening to She’s An 8-Ball by Marcy Playground when I was putting this outfit together lol :] I’m finding myself being more inspired by whatever is on my playlist these days. I absolutely LOVE this dress is by .::PiNK CHERRY::.! The detail is amazing and it is so realistic looking!8Ball

EYES: Amacci Real Eyes in Autumn
HAIR: Amacci Danina Hair in Jet Black [FREE Fatpack]
DRESS: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Saatchi Dress Leather in Black
SHOES: ::Schoen:: Silver Studded Heels
NAILS: Sun Made Fashions Shiney Red Manicured Nails [FREE]
WRISTBANDS: Hermony Wristbands [FREE]
NECKLACE: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Coral Necklace
BLACK NECKLACE: Modern Elegance Mesh Free Necklace in Black [FREE]
EARRINGS: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Coral Sun Earrings
HOLSTER: :.Envious.: Holster part of Lost Ourselves Outfit
TATTOO: *Stop & Ink* Seeing Stars Full Body Tattoo [FREE]
CROSS ANKLE TATTOO: -no wow- Cross Tattoo Ankle [FREE]

Hump Day Hunt Goodness!!

Today’s long post is about various hunt prizes – so many hunts going on right now D:


SKIN: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Castiel Skin in Sunkiss
EYES: Poetic Colors Rain Tree [FREE]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [FREE]
CLEAVAGE: Curious Kitties Chest Enhancer [FREE on freebie wall]



HAIR: Pink Hustler Subscribo Hair Store appears to be closed :[
DRESS: Sassy! Zebra Tank Dress for Hello Titty Hunt [FREE]
SHOES: CHANDELLE Cice Black [FREE group gift]
NECKLACE: .::Pink CHERRY::. Coral Necklace
EARRINGS: .::Pink CHERRY::. Coral Sun Earrings
BRACELET: Zuri Jewelry Sarah Coral Opal/Gold Bracelet
HEADBAND: Rotten Defiance Pearl Starfish Beaded Headband Coral [FREE group gift]
POSE: Flash Friendly Poses >>Store officially open July 1<< Pose #2 for Seraphim Turns Two Event [FREE]


HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Alicia Brown Ombre 1
DRESS: Sassy! Taylor Dress for Endless Summer Hunt [FREE]
SHOES: ..::Energie::.. Irenne Sandals Beige
BRACELETS: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Gold Bangles part of Cosmo Dress [Group Gift]
POSE: Flash Friendly Poses [Store officially open July 1] Pose #3 Mirror for Seraphim Turns Two Event [FREE]



HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/ Trish Hair in Night Shade
OUTFIT [Top, Pants & Shoes]: [SAKIDE] St Tropez Outfit Seafoam for Excuse My French Hunt [FREE/Also comes in pink]
BELLY TAT: Your Cocain You Are Tattoo for The Free Dove [FREE]
NECKLACE/EARRINGS: Addiction Jewelry Circle Medallion Drop Set for Seraphim Turns Two Event [FREE]
BLUE BRACELET: Zuri Jewelry Sultry Soul 2 Labradorite Elite Bracelet
BLACK BRACELET: :.Envious.: Part of Poetic Justice outfit
POSE: Flash Friendly Poses [Store officially open July 1] Pose #1 for Seraphim Turns Two Event [FREE]RE


HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Dolo in Sandalwood
BIKINI: [SAKIDE] Beach Forever Crochet Bikini in Cream for Endless Summer Hunt [FREE/Comes with pink color option as well as skirt options]
SANDALS: +9 Summer Thumb Sandal [FREE]
TOTE: *COCO* Clear Tote Bag Black [FREE group gift]
POSE: Flash Friendly Poses [Store officially open July 1] Pose #2 Mirror for Seraphim Turns Two Event [FREE]


I had this post “Drafted” and ready for me to press “Publish”…so here it is :] I absolutely adore this hair by .:{Rumina Styles}:. and .::P!nk Cherry::. dress ❤

Jocelyne1 Jocelyne2

SKIN: Panda Punx Miranda Skin Gift [FREE]
EYES: [Detour] Gamma Eyes in Blue (Light Sclera)
HAIR: .:{Rumina Styles}:. Dolo in Kaki
DRESS: .::P!nk Cherry::. Jocelyne Bow Minidress in Blue
SHOES: *COCO* Flat Ankle Boots Black [Group gift – FREE to join]
TIGHTS: *Sheer* Tights Zebra [FREE on wall]
EARRINGS: !Rebel Hope Infinity Earrings Silver for Seraphim Turns 2 Event [FREE group gift – Runs through July 19. Many items available!]
BRACELET: Dark Mouse Free Dove Bracelet for The Free Dove [FREE]
NECKLACE: Lazuri Multi Strand Color Change Necklace for The Free Dove [FREE]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [FREE]
CLUTCH: BSD Design Studio Prestissimo Clutch


Hey guys – just squeezing in a quick post before I have to go run errands -___- In today’s post I am showing you two beautiful mesh dresses and jewelry sets by .::Pink CHERRY::. 



SKIN: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Castiel Pale
HAIR: Amacci Adena in Brown Sugar [Instore FREEbie Fatpack]
EYES: Amacci GreyBrown Eyes [Instore FREEbie]
DRESSES: .::Pink CHERRY::. Natalia in Dark Grey [Top L] & Felicitas in Cream [Top R]
NECKLACE & EARRINGS: .::Pink CHERRY::. Black Opal Set [Middle] & Coral [Bottom]
SHOES: Plausible Body Classic Pumps [Part of Citadine Outfit – FREE]

Ravish Me

I feel myself slowing down on this blog stuff lately D: So today’s post is going to be “short” in comparison with my previous one…but who knows? Maybe I’ll be inspired to do another post later on ^^


HAIR: D!va Akane in Onyx
EYES: [Detour] Gamma Eyes Hazel (Dark Sclera)
DRESS: Sassy! Simply Ravishing in Red – Shown in both No Sheer & Sheer versions for Whore Couture Monthly Edition
BRACELETS: Hermony Wristbands [FREE]
NECKLACE: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Part of So Good! Outfit
STOCKINGS: Lali’s Dosty Knee-Highs [FREE]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [FREE]

[ Room 69 ]

Today’s post is long because 1. I haven’t posted since Saturday D: and 2. I just recently discovered an event called  [ Room 69 ] which runs every month from the 1rst – 20th. This round is almost up, but you’ve still got a couple days to hurry in and ch-ch-ch-check it ooouuutttt ^^ See my other  [ Room 69 ] post >>here<<!  

SHAPE: Markel Shapes Kieva @ [ Room 69 ]
CHEST ENHANCER: Curious Kitties Chest Enhancer [FREE]
EYES: [Detour] Gamma Eyes in Green Dark Sclera



HAIR: D!va Naomi in Garnet [Group gift – FREE to join]
HAT: Xen’s Hats Jones Black @ [ Room 69 ]
OUTFIT [Top & Shorts]: oO{VF}Oo Omstud Outfit @ [ Room 69 ]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [FREE]
TIGHTS: *Sheer* Tights in Zebra [FREE]
SCARF: ::Czarny Kanarek:: Black Mesh Cowl Scarf @ [ Room 69 ]
NECKLACE: [Fairy Tail] Antique Pendant Key [Dollarbie]
BRACELET: : Amorous : You Bracelet [FREE]
TATTOO: ::Wicked Tattoos:: Checkered Tattoo [FREE]
SKATES: Latreia Rollers Pink @ [ Room 69 ]

HAIR: Exile Bianca in Coffee
JACKET: ..:: E d e n ::.. Straight Jacket Black @ [ Room 69 ]
TANK: Jane. Intrinsic Tank in Concord [FREE fatpack instore]
JEANS: even.flow Edgy Jeans
BAG: *COCO* Clear Tote Bag in Black [Group gift – FREE to join]
NECKLACE: .:MALT:. Old Hunt Gift Necklace
SHOES: Latreia Kleo Purple @ [ Room 69 ]

HAIR: D!va Akane in Onyx
SUNGLASSES: .:Pelletteria Morrisey:. Caretta Sunglasses
SWIMSUIT: .:cut here:. Dotted Frills Swimming Suit @ [ Room 69 ]
FLIP FLOPS: +9 Flip Flop w/Flower [FREE]
NECKLACE: -Jetcity Fashions- Black Pearls Necklace [FREE]
CHEST TATTOO: (SFU) Dark Free Star Tattoo [FREE]
LEG TATTOO: !K&L! Starry Leg Tattoo [FREE]
TOTE: !KKBB!! Deidre Shoulder Tote – Wicker [Dollarbie]

HAIR: D!va Chizuru in Onyx
BOW: LaViere Candy Bow Pearl [$10L for fatpack]
HOODIE: [LF] SS Hoodie Pink for [ Room 69 ]
TANK TOP: Jane. Intrinsic Tank Milk [FREE fatpack instore]
SKIRT: (Elate!) Part of Emily Outfit for The Free Dove [FREE]
GLOVES: X*plosion Fishnet Gloves Black Normal [FREE – TONS of boxes full of free stuff in the lower level]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [FREE]
FISHNETS: :.Envious.: Part of Tourniquet outfit
SHOES: *COCO* Flat Ankle Boots Black [Group gift – FREE to join]
BLACK NECKLACE: Modern Elegance Mesh Free Necklace [FREE]
CROSS NECKLACE: Heavenly Cross Jewelry Set for The Free Dove [FREE]
BRACELET: Dark Mouse Free Dove Bracelet for The Free Dove [FREE]
SNAKE BITES: ni.ju Snake Bites [FREE]
TATTOO: !K&L! Starry Leg Tattoo [FREE]


HAIR: !lamb. Teased Up in Blood Fruit [FREE fatpack instore]
FLOWER: ChiMia Lisa Hair Flower
TANK: [trs] Pocket Tank in Slate & White @ [ Room 69 ]
SHORTS: {.::LRH::.} Frayed Medium Denim Shorts [Dollarbie]
TIGHTS: *Sheer* Tights KissKiss [FREE]
SHOES: = Baby Butterfly = Space Boots @ [ Room 69 ]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [FREE]
JEWELRY: Chop Zuey Paparazzi Jewelry Set
TATTOO: :: YaYo :: Anatomy Tattoo [FREE]

WHEW! And now…it’s time for a nap…

Oh summertime :]

Really loving these lazy days and would love them even more if I could spend some time at a beach somewhere… Until that happens, I will live vicariously through SL and explore virtual beaches.


SKIN: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Castiel Skin in Pale
HAIR: D!va Maya in Black Amber [Group gift – FREE to join]
JUMPSUIT: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Lorena Jumpsuit in Black
CHEST ENHANCER: Curious Kitties FREEbie
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [FREE]
JEWELRY: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Coral Jewelry Set
HAT: ChiMia Wendy Summer Hat in Black
BAG: Wild Motley Beach Bag [FREE]
SUNGLASSES: Soothe Sunglasses Jellybeans in Cherry Cola for The Funny Puppet Fair [Ends Sunday the 17th so hurry and check it out!!]
FLIP FLOPS: Sand Shack Surf Couture Freedom Flops in Black

Everyday I’m Hustlin’

Today more items from Funny Puppet Fair which runs through June 17th! Hope everyone has a fun weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there ❤

SKIN: (RED)Sand Inc Winterland Woman Skin [FREE]
EYES: Le Poppycock Doll Eyes in Brillig for FPF

Hustlin1 Hustlin1bSHAPE: (RED)Sand Inc Inc Gift Shape for Fall ’12
HAIR: D!va Mana in Onyx [Group gift – FREE to join]
FULL OUTFIT [Top, Pants, Ring, Shoes & Socks]: ~Cysleek =^.=~ Mesh Outfit Exclusive for FPF
BAG: [BUBBLE] Electric Moustache Bag in White for FPF
BRACELET: Dark Mouse Bracelet for The Free Dove [FREE]
NAILS: Alaskametro ❤ French Teal Nails [FREE]
SNAKE BITES: ni.Ju Snake Bites [FREE]
TATTOO: ::Wicked Tattoos:: Checkered Tattoo [FREE]
PUPPY [On head]: Freaky Design Puppy Friend for FPF

Hustlin2bHAIR: !lamb. Unbirthday in Granny [FREE fatpack instore]
FULL OUTFIT [Bow, Top, Pants, Cupcake & Shoes]: NS:: Urban Candy Outfit for FPF
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [FREE]
POUCH: Freaky Design Alien Pouch for FPF

Hustlin3bHAIR: Magika Emo in Dark Pink
FULL OUTFIT [Top, Shorts & White Socks]: {L’G} Special Outfit for FPF
BOOTS & LEGSTRAPS: :.Envious.: Part of So Crazy outfit
HOLSTER: :.Envious.: Part of Lost Ourselves outfit
TATTOO: *Stop & Ink* Seeing Stars [FREE]
FACE TATTOO: ni.Ju Makeup – Boa [FREE]
WINGS: :.Envious.: Part of Ironic outfit
CROSS NECKLACE: **Encore** Heavenly Cross Jewelry Set for The Free Dove [FREE]
PEARL NECKLACES: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Part of So Good! outfit
SHOULDER PET: BSD Design Studio My Sparkie on Shoulder for FPF


HAIR: D!va Haruka in Peridot [Group gift – FREE to join]
FULL OUTFIT [Sunglasses, Mouth Accessory, Bamboo Sticks, Sweater, Pants, Socks & Shoes]: NS:: Panda Outfit for FPF
NAILS: Vextra Ultra Shine Nail Polish French in Coral for The Free Dove
HEAD ACCESSORY: LavandaChic* Cute fabric Panda for Head for FPF
COIN PURSE: +9 Leather Coin Purse – Panda [FREE]

*** FPF is the taxi to the Funny Puppet Fair, but I also have each store’s mainstore linked. So if you want to go to the individual store click on its name, if not then click on FPF ^^ Just wanted to clarify ***