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HORNS: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Baby Horns Starry Demon Rare @ Gacha Garden [Ends tomorrow]
HAIR: rezology Close
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Noella Blonde Brows Apricot
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Hot Red
OUTFIT: !The Little Bat Davina Outfit
SHOES: :::insanya::: D3mon1aZ Boots
COLLAR: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Crucia Collar Red
POSE: Glitterati Model Pose Pack 33 Pose 326
DECOR: *~ by Nacht ~ @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
– Stargazer Decor: Bed, Books, Hope Print, Plant & Star
– The Stargazer Skybox
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Bo~peep DecO Gypsy Sofa @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
irrie’s { DollHouse } Vintage Ice Cream Shop Gacha @ Lost & Found
– Cabinet Rare
– Chair
– Ice Cream Cone Prop Banana, Strawberry Rare & Vanilla
– Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sign Pink Rare
– Poster
– Table Banana, Mint Rare & Strawberry
sass buildz [the cottage]
~*Stillwater Railroad*~ Vintage Pink Screen Door @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
Terrashop Pink Geranium on a Chair MC @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 8
True North Designs Vintage Ice Cream Cart @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 3
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– Accessory for Hair & Face White
– Diadem Blue
– Earrings Blue
HAIR: rezology Voluminous Topknot
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Noella Blonde Brows Apricot
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Aqua
DRESS: ALTAIR* Princess Nightgown White
SHOES: ALTAIR* Starry Heels White [Slink Mid]
COLLAR: ALTAIR* Heart Collar White [Bat Queen Gacha]
POSE: Fawn’s Demise Clumsy Maid Pose 4 [Comes w/Plate Props][Store is in the process of moving to >> Marketplace <<]
{Cherry House} @ Whimsical
– Coffee Table & Tea Set
– French Sofa [Double & Single]
Yokai Heaven’s Bride Moon Rare @ On9
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HEADBAND, DIADEM, EARRINGS & CHAMELEON: Yokai Tale of Rapunzel Gacha @ Enchantment
– Diadem Pink
– Earring Pink
– Hoop Pink
– Pascal Rare
HAIR: rezology Wispy Topknot
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Verena Caramel Brown Brows
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Brown
TOP: !The Little Bat Sasha Corset
SKIRT: {POSH PIXELS} Princess Skirt Grey
NECKLACE: !Indulge Temptation! Raindrop Necklace
POSE: Glitterati Model Pack 33 Pose 326
Cwtch. @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 6
– Hello Beautiful Backdrop
– Potted Spring Flowers
unKindness Rapunzel’s Planter Tower 1 @ Enchantment
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Showcasing more from the Second Life Home & Garden Expo in this post ^^ In case you missed my previous post, it’s >> HERE << 😀 This event is only open until June 4 so go shop’n’stalk to your heart’s content all 9 sims before it’s too late! I’m trying to be a lot more detailed in my posts so I will try my best to tell you where things are seeing as how I have a tendency to mix several different brands together. Anyways, thanks for stalking by! ❤
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~ Adorably Strange Wears~ The Bluegrass Back Porch Flowers Fatpack (Left side on the top row) @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 6
– Daffodil
– Foxglove
– Hibiscus
– Hortensia
– Iris
– Lavender
– Lilac
– Tulip
~Azalea Bluebell~ Creations Flowers w/Rattan Pot Full Perm (Scattered along back wall in several colors) @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 2
::cute as f*ck:: Grow Flower Pot Sign & Yard Sign Don’t Worry Bee Happy @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
Cwtch. Repurposed Silage Shed Room @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 6
Feather & Nest Garden Gacha @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
– Collection of Empty Pots (Left side on the ground)
– Crate w/Pots (On the wood table)
– Gardening Shelf Rare (Back right)
– Pots in a Washbin (Back right by shelf)
– Pots w/Spring Bulbs (Back left)
– Upside Down Pots (On the hay table)
– Stack of Pots (Back wall)
{LORE} Spring Birdhouse & Sundial @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
Raindale Flower Buckets 1, 2 & 3 @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 6
**Sweet Sorrows** Plant Pot Stone w/Hibiscus Pink @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 2
Terrashop @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 8
– Crocuses, Cyclamen, Primroses & Snowdrops in the Cup MT (Left side, bottom row)
– Potted Red Geranium MC (Back wall, top row)
– Red Poppies, White Daffodils & Yellow Daffodils in a Vase MT (Back wall bottom row right)
– Sunflowers in the Vase (On wooden table)
– White & Yellow Daffodils in a Mason Jar MT (Back wall bottom row left)
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HAIR: rezology Sky 179
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Robyn Cotton Candy
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Icy Blue
GLASSES: PEACHES. Koni Glasses White – Silver
– Sadie Tip Toe Ballerina Glitter @ Garage Fair [$125L for duration of event/ENDS TOMORROW]
– Sunny Dress Stripes @ Level Up [$99L for duration of event]
CHOKER/BRACELET: The Sugar Garden Candy Necklace & Bracelet [Group Gift/Join fee/Past Gifts available]
NECKLACE: .{yumyums}. Plastik Candy White Bow [Store closed/Gacha retired]
COTTON CANDY: MESH INDIA Cotton Candy Gacha Flower Cotton Candy Blue @ Gacha Garden
POSE: Glitterati Model Pack 33 Pose 324
~also Known as~ Outline Micro Cabin @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
ChiMia Midsummer Chair & Table
MESH INDIA Cotton Candy Gacha @ Gacha Garden
– Candy Balloon Box & Broken Box [Seed of Inspiration/Read how to get SOIs >> HERE <<]
– Candy Box
– Candy Stick Tray
– Cotton Candy Holder
– Cotton Candy Machine Rare
– Money Box
– Sugar Tray
unKindness Kawaii Curtains for Cutie Loot [Monthly subscription box/You can purchase the current box for May and past boxes on MP >> HERE <<]
– Pink w/Pink
– White w/Pink
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Hey guys! I don’t normally write on my posts. However, I wanted to shed some light on the annual Second Life Home & Garden Expo. I am honored to be a blogger for this great event which benefits Relay For Life. I love Second Life, themed events and any opportunity to give back! Please consider visiting and picking up a few things for yourself or someone else. And/or if you feel so led, make a donation at any of the donation kiosks scattered throughout the 9 sims. Designers have specific items that will give 100% of proceeds to Relay For Life. All that to say – go check all the things out, shop and donate ❤
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~also Known as~ @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
– Banana Tree in Creme Planter (Inside by daybed)
– Beach Hut Teal Rare
– Feather Palm in Creme Planter (On the porch)
– Four Seasons Daybed
– Long Crate Blue (Right inside by the doorway)
– Stool Crate Blue Shell B, Teal Plain & Teal Shell D (Shell B & Plain are inside/Shell D is on the porch)
BlackWood Furniture Hopeful Throw Pillows Gacha Dream & Peace @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
Broken Creek Decor @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
– Healing Set (On Porch – Wall Circle Decor & Vases Group )
– Nexus Earth Connected Set (Inside – Big Potted Plant & Wall Circle Decor)
The Dollhouse @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9 
– White Bust Planter Blue & White Flowers (On top of tall crate right inside of doorway)

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HAIR: rezology Kitty Loaf
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Babet Apricot Brown Brows
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Lavender Purple
OUTFIT: ALTAIR* Momoirobara Top & Skirt
SHOES: PEACHES Heart Flaties @ Limit8 [Limited Edition: Only 100 copies!]
ICE CREAM: *Dilly Dolls* Ice Cream Buddy [Gimmie Gacha Group Gift] @ Gacha Garden
*Dilly Dolls* Summer Nums Gacha @ Gacha Garden
– Chair Green, Pink, Teal, Violet, White & Yellow
– Cone Stack
– Ice Cream Cart Rare
– Ice Cream Flavors
– Mini Swirl Cone Machine Rare
– Napkin Holder
– Spoons
– Swirl Cone Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla
– Table Teal, Violet & White
– Table Top Menu
– Table-Top Umbrella Green, Pink & Yellow
– Toppings
– Waffle Cone Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla
– Waffle Cone Stack
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beach Pathways @ We Love RolePlay
– Big Pathway
– Corner
– Small Pathway
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HAIR: !Head Desk! Selene Darkside HUD
HELMET: Yokai Okashii Kawaii Helmet Rare @ Secret Affair
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Lucille V1 Pineapple
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Icy Blue
OUTFIT: Waffles Love the Unknown Tank & Shorts for The Unknown Hunt [Ends soon]
NECKLACE: !Indulge Temptation! Yummy Necklace 2
CHOKER, FAN, NOSE PLASTER & FACE CANDY: Yokai Okashii Gacha @ Secret Affair
– Candies Mix
– Choker Pink
– Fan Sky
– Plaster Pink
POSE: HelaMiyo Subtle 1
DECOR: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Garden Patio Gacha Garden Patio Rare
Sugar Shock Gacha @ Gacha Garden
– Banana Milkshake
– Bowl of Candy [Gimmie Gacha Group Gift]
– Candy Chair Rare
– Candy Pouf [Seed of Inspiration/Read how to get SOIs >> HERE <<]
– Candy Rug
– Cherry Pie
– Creme Brule
– Cupcake Etagere
– Flower Cake
– Lava Cake
– Pink Side Table
– Pink Round Endtable
– Pink Window Table
– Plate w/Butterfly Cakes
– Plate w/Chocolate Balls
– Plate w/Cookies
– Plate w/Cupcakes
– Plate w/Donuts
– Plate w/Eclairs
– Plate w/Little Sweets
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