{La Bella Boutique} Spooky Dinner Gacha @ Mad Circus
– Bat Cakes
– Cauldron Black, Green & Red
– Chair Orange, Purple & Red
– Curtain Black
– Glass Jar Green, Purple & Red
– Nightmare Cookies
– Orange Vase
– Painting 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
– Pumpkin Cookie Black, Green & Purple
– Pumpkin Lamp
– Purple Vase
– Red Blood Wine
– Red Vase
– Spider Cake Green, Orange & Purple
– Spider Wine
– Spider
– Spooky Cookies Green, Purple & Red
– Spooky Jar Green, Purple & Red
– Sweets Cup Green, Purple & Red
– Table Orange, Purple & Red
– Witch WineSnapshot_001


~Adorably Strange Wears~
@ The Gacha Life
The Delia D Decor Collection Gacha: Crowned Pumpkin, Lace Pumpkins, Laying Torso, Mannequin Rare, Pumpkin Bell Jar, Pumpkin Globe, Pumpkin Gyroscope Rare, Standing Torso and Striped Pumpkin Lights
The Delia D Furniture Collection Gacha: Chair, Couch Rare, Desk, Lanterns, Ottoman, Rocker Rare, Side Table, Sofa Table and Wall Art
*Shabby Tabby* Assorted Halloween Pieces [On Marketplace Only]
– Beware Banner
– Bottle of Boo’s
– EEK! Sign No Cord
– Halloween Kisses Bouquet
– Halloween Sweetie Treats
– Spooky Lollys
– Trick or Treat JarsBeFunky-collage
BeFunky-collage (2)
BeFunky-collage (1)

HAIR: .EscalateD. Castie V1 MultiHUD Pastels
– There’s new pricing at the mainstore:
[All packages now include pictures]
MultiHUDs V1/V2 $800L/$250L
RegularHUDs $400L/$125L
Older Style Fatpacks Inworld Only $100L/$150L/$200L &
Older Style Single Packs on MP Only $35L/$50L/$65L
– Group Join is $99L [Inside Group Lounge]
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Verona V2 Apricot
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Hot Aqua
NECKLACE: !Indulge Temptation! Adorable Necklace HUD 3
DRESS: [ bubble ] Shabby Pastel Dress
WRISTBANDS: *Dilly Dolls* Bellan Wristbands Darks
SHOES: *Dilly Dolls* Yuva Dollies Darks
POSE: HelaMiyo Kpop1

22769 The Beach Bungalow @ Arcade
– Beach Bungalow Rare
– Bungalow Bed
– Bungalow Lounger
– Dinner Chair
– Dinner Table
– Floorlight
– Glass Vases
– Hemp Rug
– Industrial Closet
– Industrial Sideboard
– Lodge Coffee Table
– Lodge Sofa
– Monstera Art
– Sputnik Chandelier
– Wooden Buddha
22769 Industrial Bedroom Set
– Circular chandelier
– Headlight Tablelamp
– Industrial Bed
– Industrial Nightstand
– Wall Mounted Bike
22769 Where We’ll Meet Again Gacha
– Amphoras
– Bottle Box
– Console
– Garden Sundial
– Glass Vase
– Leather Deckchair
– Lounge Chair
– Rustic Kettle
– Tea Box
– Teacup
– Wooden Stool
BeFunky-collage (2)
BeFunky-collage (1)

Snapshot_006 (1)Snapshot_009
HAIR: .EscalateD. Quisha MultiHUD Rainbows
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Verona V2
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Lavender Purple
SWIMSUIT: {Melt} Marina Suit @ TWE12VE
SHOES: *Dilly Dolls* Jilly Flats Violet [Gacha]
POSE: HelaMiyo Act Naturally 5
andika Gelato Dispenser Set [Group Gift]
– Gelato Dispenser/Spoon Chill Out, I Did It, Love and Take It Easy
– Gelato Plate Deco
– Take Away Box
*Dilly Dolls* Summer Nums Gacha
– Bike & Cart Rare
– Chairs Teal, Green and Pink
– Cone Stacks
– Ice Cream Flavors
– Mini Soft Serve Machine Rare
– Tables Violet, White and Yellow
– Waffle Cone Stand
BeFunky-collage (2)

HAIR: .EscalateD. Freya MultiHUD Pastels @ Suicide Dollz [Ends May 31 @ 1 PM SLT]
– Includes Fitted Mesh [No resize], V1 Highlights, V2 Duo and Style HUD to Hide/Unhide Parts
– $50L Special MiniHUDs available only during the event. These are exclusive and rare and are not included in the All Inc. Pack. They will be gone when event ends.
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Myst Cotton Candy
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Lavender Purple
NECKLACE: !Orphic! Water Talisman [20 Pull Special] [Astrological Talismans Gacha] @ TWE12VE
DRESS: .:FlowerDreams:. Ria Gown Sky Blue @ Swank
POTION: !Orphic! Throwable Spells Moon @ TWE12VE
POSE: HelaMiyo Act Naturally 2BeFunky-collage (1)

BeFunky-collage (1)
Before I get into the post, I just wanted to remind you of the sale going on at the .EscalateD. mainstore! The “I don’t need a reason for a sale” Sale ends June 6. EVERYTHING is 60% off: Colorpacks are $110L Each and All Inc. Pack + Bonus HUDs are $520L Each. [The sale does not include gift cards or weekly deals.] VIP group members get 5% back in store credit with each purchase – just activate the VIP group tag before purchasing! Now let’s get into the post ^^
BeFunky-collage (2)
HAIR: .EscalateD. Bobbie V2 Hair Straight MultiHUd Essentials @ Salon 52 [Ends June 4 @ 12 PM SLT]
– $50L exclusive and rare Special MiniHUDs only available during the event
– All Inc. Pack with the Special HUDs only available during event
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Madelyn Cleavage
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Brown
NECKLACE: !Orphic! #1 Moon Talisman Rare [Astrological Talismans Gacha] @ TWE12VE
DRESS: Kaithleen’s Gangsta Chemise Lingerie Dress White
POSE: HelaMiyo Little Black Dress 5
BeFunky-collage (3)
HAIR: .EscalateD. Lainey V1 MultiHUD Browns
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Ivaana V3 Apricot
LIPS: ::Dulce Secrets:: Passionate Mulberry Lipstick
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Brown
NECKLACE: !Orphic! #12 Lilith Talisman [Astrological Talismans Gacha] @ TWE12VE
DRESS: ***Ambrosia*** Ribbon Prom Dress Black
POSE: HelaMiyo Little Black Dress 1

Snapshot_010 (1)
22769 Backyard Arbor @ Gacha Garden
– Bird House
– Folding Wood Table
– Garden Arbor Rare
– Garden Crown
– Garden Hose
– Garden Well
– Metal Garden Bench
– Metal Garden Chair
– Open Book
– Pear in Teacup
– Picnic Blanket [Seed of Inspiration. Read how to get SOIs >> HERE <<]
– Pink Bean Bag
– Pink Garden Wellies
– Rustic Water Pump
– Rusty Bucket
– Rusty Lantern
– Wall Storm Light
– Watering CanSnapshot_012

HAIR: .Escalated. Shay V1 MultiHUD Monotones @ The Good Vibes Hunt [Ends soon – May 12 @ Midnight!]
– .Escalated. has a total of 10 different prizes for $25L each
– Find all the prizes to have a complete All Inc. Pack + Bonus/MiniHUDs
– After the hunt is over, this hairstyle will be put up at the mainstore location and included in the 60% off sale that ends June 4!
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Gianna Marshmellow Cleavage
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Brown
JEWELRY: !Indulge Temptation! @ The Good Vibes Hunt [Ends soon – May 12 @ Midnight!]
– !Indulge Temptation! has a total of 10 different prizes for $15L each
– Look for pink stars all over the sim
– Items I am wearing: #4 Soraya Earrings, #5 Shania Necklace TGV2, #8 Pansies 3 Headband and #10 Crescent Moon Necklace TGV2
DRESS: Continuum Aloma Dress @ Designer Circle [Ends tomorrow!]
POSE: HelaMiyo Little Black Dress 5
DECOR: Cherry House Tree Garden Chair Wood Grain White