Pop, Lock & Drop It

I have been so extremely out of the loop eversince…well I started this blog years ago… That has been apparent due to my lack of posting and spontaneous random posting ^^ And don’t forget all them links across the top of my blog where I have immortalized quotes and conversations. 
Blah blah blah…today I’m actually going to try to blog about an outfit. I know right? Wow…I have been sorting my inventory pretty hardcore and was inspired to put together outfits while I sorted. Anyways, long story short…here’s an outfit of old/new items I’ve pieced together.
While I do not go around SL looking like this normally, I thought it was still a fun outfit ^^

HAIR: A&A Ivana Hair in Show White [Past Hunt Gift]
EYES: !STC Impossible Universe [Past Group Gift]
EYELASHES: Redgrave Eyelashes in Sparkle
SKIN: cStar Limited Aeon Skin Natural [Currently there are 8 fat packs of skin for 0L]
SHAPE: My creation :] 
CHEST ENHANCER: =^.^= Curious Kitties Chest Enhancer 0L
OUTFIT [Including Elf Ears]: {Envious} Midnight Mania Prize [These cycle in and out. There are two boards, one for everybody and one for group members. There is a small fee to join the group but she keeps the MM prizes rotating and it’s always complete outfits]
ANTLERS: *Rotten Defiance* Group Gift [Fee to join group but its worth it, as she regularly releases gifts that vary from accessories to complete outfits]