Ha. My first post and I’m not even sure what to write… AmberB GossipGirl talked me into starting up my own blog. She’s super good at hers ❤ First off, its been months since I’ve been on SL. And my summer schedule RL is about to get hella crazy, but when I can I will blog an outfit or two whether it be old or new. I’ve finally decided to sort my invie so whatever interesting creation I come up with shall be what I blog. If you’ve read this far, then you must be very bored =/ Lol. Much love ❤ ❤ ❤

Eyelashes: *REDGRAVE* – Sparkle
Eyes: Detour – Gamma Eyes [Blue Dark Sclera]
Skin: Doux Petit – Sad Cupcake [Tone 2 – Subtle Lips]
Hair: ::69:: Still in Ash
Top& Shorts: **Malizz Yiyuan Creation** – Yum
Belt: **Malizz Yiyuan Creation** – [Lucky Board Item]