The Return

Anddd I’m back 😀 Yeah I had to take much needed time off due to RL…but it’s settled down a bit so I’m back to blogging. I’m going to try to be more talkative in my posts but we shall see how that goes as I’m still juggling things in my RL.
For my big blogging “comeback” I’m being very last minute and showing you the 22769 gacha items on offer at the Salem event which sadly ends tomorrow 😦 Yeah I told you. Last minute. >.< So after you stalk this, get on over there and get your shopping/gachaing on before it ends!!!
And I’m displaying all these things in the awesome new skybox from *NeverWish*. Seriously though. There’s moving rain and a full moon in a starry night sky outside the windows. My aesthetic forever ❤
SKYBOX: *NeverWish* The Tower Skybox
DECOR: 22769 @ Salem (Ends tomorrow!)
Le Fond Des Mortels
The Messy Witch Gacha
– Azazel’s Head
– Candles
– Copper Cauldron
– Hanging Cabinet
– Highdesk
– Jars
– Mirror Ball
– Potion Bottles
– Powder
– Row of Potions
– Sloppy High Shelf
– Spell Book
– The Chair of the Witch RARE
– The Magic Mirror
– The Workplace of the Witch
– Witch Hat
– Vampire Bust