Our Dreams (Designers United)

ImageWhat if our dreams were everyday life?

Would you enjoy it?

You could fly through the skies, swim through hot chocolate, become best friends with Harry Potter, or take tea with the Mad Hatter!

But it could be a nightmare.

You could be chased through a maze by an angry clown… Coiled by a poisonous snake… Tortured in the most horrific way possible… Spend the rest of eternity with your ex…

Would you choose to live your dreams, if it included the nightmares?

But isn’t that just everyday life; taking the good with the bad?

Are dreams really that different to our everyday lives?

Just a little bit more surreal.

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It’s Magic


Hi there!

In case you were wondering – this is not Kath, your Vindicated Monstar, but Markus, who shall now be known as The Dazzling Diva!


Me and the Monstar have “always” been obsessed with Harry Potter! So when FATEplay came out with their wonderful mesh uniforms, I just couldn’t resist them and had to snap as many as my role-play characters could handle! I really cannot commend these enough! And having tried my hand at mesh clothes – I know it’s tough to rig. I basically bow down to any mesh maker who can rig really! 

I don’t want to say much about the mesh wand we’re both holding because I made it myself and it’s not available for sale yet! But it will be on sale at the Mischief Managed Wizarding Faire event. (shameless plug done, I can now die happy).

Now… FATEeyes… These mother-f**kers are absolutely sexy and brilliant! Like really – Damien Fate, you are a genius with content creating. These mesh eyes allow you to edit almost anything you like about the eyes – there are so many varieties. Thanks to the brilliance of mesh, we are no longer stuck with the low quality of SL system eyes, but vivid high-resolution, well textured eyes!

So, what the moral of my first post on my friend Kath’s blog?

I am basically a Damien Fate fanboy, and I’m not even ashamed.


It’s been a pleasure – The Dazzling Diva Markus Slingshot, a new co-author to The Vindicated Monstar.

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So lately I have been sucking at this blogging thing -__- I get distracted way too easily which could potentially be my downfall. However, I am hoping to get back into a better routine 😀


SHAPE & SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Harley Shape & Skin Light {Pink} @ She & Him
HAIR: Tameless Deanne [Naturals]
EYES: [ROLY-POLY] Dolly Eyes in Black [Free]
EYELASHES: MAR Creativity Studio Lashes [LB]
OUTFIT [Umbrella, Dress & Boots]: !Soul Nanny Mini Dress Mesh Outfit
JEWELRY: +:::+Natural+:::+ Angel Wing @ FatPack Week Round 3

Late Night Ramblings…

It’s late and it’s been a few days since I’ve posted D: So here ya go! ^^ ❤


SHAPE: .:Panda Punx:. Alixx Shape @ [ Room69 ]
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Alixx Skin {Pure} Light @ [ Room69 ]
EYES: *Soulglitter* Peyton’s Eyes [Free]


HAIR: Tameless Rayne {Fantasy}
TANK: *COCO* Cropped Tank in Black [Group gift]
SKIRT: LavandaChic* Belted Mini Skirt in Pink/Turquoise @ FatPack Week Round 1
LEGGINGS: Le Poppycock *Idol Legging* in Slate @ FatPack Week Round 1
SHOES: :: Miss Canning :: Hermes Sneakers @ [ Room69 ]
NAILS: Adoness Killer Queen in China Rose @ The Black Market Final Round
RING: Phoebe’s Piercings & More Izar Ring in Pink @ [ Room69 ]
BRACELETS: ASO! Leather Bracelets in Cross/Coin in Gray&Silver @ FatPack Week Round 1
TATTOO: [ZENTRO] Stay True Tattoo @ [ Room69 ]


HAIR: Tameless Trinity {Fades}
OUTFIT: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Other Side
SHOES: :: Miss Canning :: Hermes Sneakers @ [ Room69 ]
RING: Phoebe’s Piercings & More Izar Ring in Black @ [ Room69 ]
BRACELETS: ASO! Leather Bracelets in Cross/Coin in White&Silver @ FatPack Week Round 1
TATTOO: [ZENTRO] Key to My Heart Tattoo @ [ Room69 ]


HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Dolo in Sandalwood
OUTFIT: NS:: New Sensation Dress in Leopard @ FatPack Week Round 1
JEWELRY: Beloved Jewelry Filigree @ [ Room69 ]


HAIR: Tameless Roxi {Naturals}
DRESS & SHOES: .::Pink Sugah::. Gossip in Yellow Stars @ Lubbly Jubblies
JEWELRY: -Jetcity Fashions- Black Pearl Jewelry Set [Free]
CLUTCH: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Knuckle Clutch in Yellow