Everything is coming up Dandy :]

Today’s LONG post centers around the store Dandelion Wine hence the “Dandy”… Anyways, there is currently a storewide 10L Sale until June 10!!! These are great quality mesh items with HUDs for several color possibilities. It’s great :] I have a good mix of freebies and group gifts mixed in as well so get through my post then go 10L/freebie shopping crazy!


SKIN: Panda Punx Kimmie Skin Cleavage [FREE]
HAIR: !lamb Unbirthday Redux in Kit Kat [FREE fatpack in store]
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Cyan [FREE Fatpack]
DRESS: Dandelion Wine Long Evening Dress [Currently 10L until June 10 – Comes with HUD]
NAILS: Gabriel Cute Pearl Ring Nails [Group Gift – FREE to join]
HAIR PIECE: Zuri Jewelry Vintage Pearl Hair Comb in Blue [Lucky Cupcake Item – Located on 2nd floor]
JEWELRY: Zuri Jewelry Sultry Soul Labradorite Pearls Collection
SHOES: Plausible Body Classic Pumps [Part of Citadine Outfit – FREE Full MESH outfit w/HUD ]


SKIN: Panda Punx Kimmie Skin Cleavage [FREE]
HAIR: D!va Hair Akane in Black Amber [Group Gift – FREE to join]
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Cyan [FREE Fatpack]
JUMPSUIT/GOLD BELT: Dandelion Wine Mesh Jumpsuit [Currently 10L until June 10 – Comes with HUD]
HAIR FLOWER: ChiMia Lisa Hair Flower [Comes with color HUD]
PURSE: SAKURAYA Sakura Flower Lace Bag [FREE]
NECKLACE/EARRINGS: *Always Eclectic* Classicism Set [FREE in the Jewelry Section of The Free Dove]
BRACELETS: Lamp*Light Rose Gold Set [FREE]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [FREE – Each nail is touch to color change]
SANDALS: Energie Club Irenne Sandals in Beige [FREE Group Gift]


SKIN: Panda Punx Kimmie Skin Cleavage [FREE]
HAIR: Amacci Hair Fanny in Onyx
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Cyan [FREE Fatpack]
SKIRT: Dandelion Wine Mesh Mini Skirt [Currently 10L until June 10 – Comes with HUD]
BRA: ChiMia Celeste Lingerie in Cream
STOCKINGS: ChiMia Celeste Lingerie in Black
NECKLACE: Modern Elegance Mesh Necklace #1 [FREE]
PEARL BRACELET: Jetcity Fashions Black Pearl Bracelet [Forgot where I got this -___-]
CUFF: Hermony Wristband in Black [FREE]
EAR SPIKES: 7891 Nation Cuff in Gun Metal [FREE Group Gift for GOL 8th Element]
GAUGE: Black Unicorn Black Ear Gauges [FREE]
SNAKE BITES: ni.Ju Snake Bites [FREE]
HOLSTER: Envious Part of Tourniquet outfit
NAILS: Action Mesh Stiletto Nails [FREE gift for Cynful Anniversary]
LEG TATTOO: !K&L! Starry Leg Tattoo [FREE]
SHOES: Chandelle Cice Heels in Black [FREE Group Gift]


SKIN: Panda Punx Kimmie Skin Cleavage [FREE]
HAIR: D!va Hair Mana in Platinum [Group Gift – FREE to join]
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Cyan [FREE Fatpack]
DRESS: Dandelion Wine Mesh Lola Dress [Currently 10L until June 10 – Comes with HUD]
HEAD WREATH: World’s End Garden Hair Wreath [Group gift – FREE to join]
WINGS: Envious Part of Lost Item outfit
FEET: Meli Imako Mesh Barefeet [FREE]


Hello hello! :D

So I took an extended break for Memorial Day Weekend and went on a road trip with my crazy ass friends It was a lot of fun but I’m glad to be back home again. This is a shorterish post and I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep up better with ze blog.

HAIR: !lamb. Teased Up in Butterfinger [FREE Fatpack]
SKIN: Natural Beauty Sissy Skin [FREE]
EYES: Mulholland Angelina Jolie Eyes [FREE]
SUNGLASSES: :: Purple Moon :: Coco Sunglasses in Nude [FREE Opening Gift]
SWEATER & CAMI: {A&C} Sweet Baby Sweater Lace in White [FREE May Gift]
SHORTS: Leri Miles Designs Freebie Shorts for Garage Fair
SHOES: Gabriel Mesh Boat Shoes [Group gift – FREE to join]
NAILS: Synthetique Old Hunt Gift
TOTE: KKBB Deidre Shoulder Tote – Wicker [Dollarbie on MP]
NECKLACE: Zuri Jewelry Sarah Necklace Coral Opal/Gold [FREE Opening Hunt gift – Click the black statue]
HAT: ChiMia Wendy Summer Hat in White/Grey with Color HUD for Flower :]
RINGS: Rotten Defiance Starfish Rings [Group Gift]

It comes in 3s

Much like my previous post Foursome…I was so creative I named my post after how many outfits I would be blogging about today :] Yay me! All the pictures were taken at Chateau de la Lutiniere which is a cool French style property so you should go check it out!


>> ON ZE LEFT <<

SKIN: Belleza Cynful Anniversary Gift [FREE here]
HAIR: fri.day Dylan in Jaded Blonde [Old freebie]
EYES: Detour Gamme Eyes in Hazel (Light Sclera)
DRESS/GLOVES: ::Schon:: IbizaMoon in MoonNight
EARRINGS: Amorous Encircled Earrings [FREE]
HEADPIECE: World’s End Garden La rose noire de la Reine [Group gift – FREE to join]
NECKLACES: So Good! Pearl Necklace [Old hunt gift]


SKIN: Belleza Cynful Anniversary Gift [FREE here]
HAIR: D!va Maya in Onyx [Group gift – FREE to join]
EYES: Detour Gamma Eyes in Hazel (Light Sclera)
DRESS: ::Schon:: Ronda in Amethyst
NECKLACE: Modern Elegance Mesh Necklace #1 [FREE]
CROWN: O.M.E.N Kiddie Crowns in Wood-Pink [Old gift]
BRACELET: Hermony Wristband [FREE]
NAILS: Flirts Midnight Love

Schon2a Schon2b

SKIN: Belleza Cynful Anniversary Gift [FREE here]
HAIR: D!va Naomi in Topaz [Group gift – FREE to join]
EYES: Detour Gamma Eyes in Hazel (Light Sclera)
DRESS: ::Schon:: Kurz in Silver Lace
SHOES: ::Schon:: Silver Studded Heels
NECKLACE: Jetcity Fashions Black Pearl Necklace [FREE]
CROWN: Rotten Defiance White Crown [Old group gift]
HANDBAG: ::Schon:: Party Hand Bag in Black & Silver
BRACELET: Amorous You Bracelet [FREE]
RINGS: MoiMoi Love Letter Rings [FREE]
NAILS: Candy Nail Jelly Beans in Violet [Old hunt gift]


So in case you couldn’t tell by the title todays post centers around mostly FREEbies. Every now and then I get “bored”…and just go exploring marketplace for promos and whatnot. Today, I put a few I found together with some group gifts and voila! I give you my post!

SumWum1 SumWum2

HAIR: Pink Hustler Hair in Maron [FREE Subscriber Gift]
SKIN: ::Envious:: Melanie Skin [Group gift – FREE to join]
EYES: Eye Candi Nature Eyes in Frog [FREE]
CHEST ENHANCER: Curious Kitties Chest Enhancer [On FREEBie wall]
ROMPER: {PopTart} Cream Lace Romper [Part of Summer Fun Outfit/Group gift – FREE to join]
SHOES: Gabriel Stone Sandals in White [Comes with skin & nail Color HUD/Group gift – FREE to join]
NAILS: Gabriel Pearl Ring Nails [Group gift – FREE to join]
JEWELRY: RealEvil Industries Celeste Set [FREE]
CAMERA: DooDads Camera [FREE]
SUNGLASSES: Pelletteria Morrisey Caretta Sunglasses [FREE]
HEADPIECE: World’s End Garden Le Lis Blanc Du Roi [Group gift – FREE to join]
BAG: COCO Designs Clear Tote Bag [Group gift – FREE to join]

Foursome ;]

…Not really. Once again I was at a loss for a decent post name and that was the first thing that popped into my head so yeah. I’ve been putting together random outfits and whatnot for the past couple days FOUR to be exact. Nothing too over the top but hopefully interesting enough :]

Two stores I want to highlight are *X*plosion and Plausible Body. *X*plosion has LOADS of FREE boxes located in the downstairs area with LOADS of items ranging from accessories to shoes to full outfits. It’s a big run on your inventory but I got a lot of stuff from them so it’s worth all the unpacking and inventory storage :] Plausible Body is a store with some MESH outfits that come with fully loaded HUDs meaning TONS of color and texture options. They also have fatpacks of heels in every color imaginable. And you can get them all for FREE. It is an Open Price store so you pay what you can pay.

And now, without further ado – I give you…the rest of my already long post =P



SKIN: []::Tuli::[] Audrey Old hunt gift
HAIR: D!va Akane Hair in Onyx [Group gift – FREE to join, other hairs and a dress available as well]
EYES: Poetic Colors Oriental Pearl [Current FREEbie]
CHEST ENHANCER: *C:K* Chest Enhancer [On FREEbie wall]
GLOVES: *X*plosion Black Soldier Gloves [In FREEbie box]
TOP: {PopTart} Mesh Leopard Cropped Top [Part of How I Roll Outfit group gift – Group is FREE to join]
SKIRT: Plausible Body Microskirt [Part of Micro Mesh Outfit for FREE]
HOLSTER: :.Envious.: Party Mix Holster [Part of full outfit Party Mix]
SHOES: CHANDELLE Cici Shoe in Black [Group Gift – FREE to join]
NAILS: [*RD*] Nails Old Group Gift
NECKLACE: [Fairy Tale] Papillon Long Silver [Dollarbie]
POSE:  Demise of Flight Hide N Seek #3 [Hide & Seek Pose Set Hunt gift – FREE hunt with 31 participating stores/Ends May 31]


SKIN: []::Tuli::[] Audrey Old hunt gift
HAIR: Amacci Danina Hair in Mahogany [FREEbie]
EYES: Poetic Colors Oriental Pearl [Current FREEbie]
CHEST ENHANCER: *C:K* Chest Enhancer [On FREEbie wall]
DRESS: *S* Rock Me Dress [FREE gift]
FUR STOLE: Mohna Lisa Couture Old gift
STOCKINGS: *X*plosion LadyLike SocksNormal [In FREEbie box]
SHOES: ChiMia Veronica Knee High Boots in Black
NAILS: [*RD*] Nails Old Group Gift
NECKLACE: ::GB:: Angel Heart Necklace [Group gift – FREE to join]
POSE:  Demise of Flight Hide N Seek #1 [Hide & Seek Pose Set Hunt gift – FREE hunt with 68 participating stores/Ends May 31]



SKIN: []::Tuli::[] Audrey Old hunt gift
HAIR: Exile Bianca in Coffee
EYES: Poetic Colors Oriental Pearl [Current FREEbie]
CHEST ENHANCER: *C:K* Chest Enhancer [On FREEbie wall]
TOP: Demise of Flight Mesh Tank Top [Little Big Hunt gift – FREE hunt with 32 participating stores/Ends May 30]
HIPSTERS: JANE Plaid Hipsters in Honey [FREEbie pack in backroom of 6 prints]
HOLSTER: :.Envious.: Part of Tourniquet outfit
SHOES: :.Envious.: Part of So Crazy outfit
NAILS: [*RD*] Nails Old Group Gift
GLOVES: *X*plosion Black Soldier Gloves [In FREEbie box]
DOG COLLAR: ::Schoen:: Dog Collar
NECKLACE: $GaNKeD$ Old group gift [Store appears to be closed]
POSE:  //elephante poses// Big Ideas #2 [Little Big Hunt gift – FREE hunt with 32 participating stores/Ends May 30]


SKIN: []::Tuli::[] Audrey Old hunt gift
HAIR: D!va Chiharu Hair in Citrine [Group gift – FREE to join, other hairs and a dress available]
EYES: Poetic Colors Oriental Pearl [Current FREEbie]
CHEST ENHANCER: *C:K* Chest Enhancer [On FREEbie wall]
TOP: Blueberry Clover Mesh Buttoned Shirt [Group Gift – FREE to join]
SKIRT: JANE A Little Lace Skirt in Milk [FREEbie pack in backroom of 6 colors]
BELT: fri.day Wide Waist Belt in Fruit Punch [FREEbie]
SHOES: Plausible Body Classic Pumps [Part of Citadine outfit for FREE]
STOCKINGS: Lali’s Dotsy Knee Highs [FREE on MP]
NAILS: [*RD*] Nails Old Group Gift
POSE: Amacci Model Pose [Old Hair Fair gift]

Young at Heart

I will probably be one of those old ladies who goes around acting like a punk ass teen queen. But I’m okay with that. I will probably also be one of “those” ladies who dresses the same as the pictures in this post… My inspiration for this post is the new group gift from Rotten Defiance. [If you haven’t already, you must join! I’ve gotten lots of great gifts ranging from clothing to accessories and MESH is included!] Today I received a box FULLLLLLLLL of Starfish headbands and rings. When I say “FULLLLLLLLL” I mean it. But believe me – It is totally worth the inventory space :] LOADS of colors for the stars and three band options in Chrome, Black and Pearl. Okay I think I’ve talked enough – onto ze good stuff!!

HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/ Trish Hair – DOUBLE in Storm
SKIN: [ROCKBERRY] Farrah A Light
EYES: Amacci GreyBrown Eyes [FREEbie at the store]
DRESS: Blueberry Karen *Mesh* Belted Dress in Aqua [Comes in 4 colors/Group gift – FREE to join]
BAG: *katat0nik* Stuffed Animal Bag – Pink/Art Bunny [Gatcha prize]
NECKLACE: *katat0nik* Bunny Jelly Bean Necklace [Current group gift – 250L join fee]
HEADBAND: [*RD*] Pearl Starfish Beaded Headband – Turquoise [Group gift – FREE to join]
RINGS: [*RD*] Starfish Rings in Assorted Colors [Group gift – FREE to join]
SHOES: +RUI+ Aisare Wedge [LB Gift]
SOCKS: *katat0nik* LB Gift [LB is group only – Join fee is $250L]

When the forecast calls for rain…

…it never seems to rain. At least not where I’m from. Except yesterday. It did rain. Hard. With the wind blowing. For about five minutes. -___- But hey I really can’t complain because rain is rain. So in honor of that glorious 5 minutes or so of precipitation, I give you…my next blog post! It’s another fun hodge podge of items old and new I threw together. My other inspirations for this post are the umbrella and boots from ChiMia!

[Disclaimer: Yes I realize it wasn’t actually raining in the picture but this is the sim where I felt drawn to take a picture lol so just imagine there is rain okay? ^^]

Rainy Day Collage

HAIR: ::Exile:: [On MP] Midnight in Paris – Swiss [Dark Browns Pack]
SKIN: cStar [OLD freebie on MP] Aubree Skin [Elven Natural]
EYES: STC! Impossible Universe [Old gift]
CHEST ENHANCER: *C:K* Chest Enhancer
FISHNET TOP: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Part of So Good! in Black Outfit [$45L on MP]
CORSET: (R E D) Corset [FREEbie on MP]
SKIRT: Blueberry Lisa Mesh Skirt [Group gift – FREE to join with several other gifts available]
RAINBOOTS: ChiMia Rainy Day Boots – Skulls Gatcha [8 styles]
PURSE: ::Schoen:: Party Hand Bag – Black & Silver
NAILS: Flirts Midnight Love
UMBRELLA: ChiMia Rainy Day Umbrella – Skulls [9 styles]
SOCKS: *.amato.* Osakana Plain Socks [FREEbie]
WRIST CUFF: *Dilly Dolls* Emilie Wristcuff [Part of old group gift]
TATTOO: [ATOMIC] Stars Addiction – Fresh [Store appears to now be closed] 😦
NECKLACES: Both from [Fairy Tale] Antique Pendant-Key [$1 L] & Agnes Ribbon [Old Group Gift]
LOCATION: Cupcake Sim

Helloooooo Summer!!! :D

In honor of summer [and because I have been doing some hunting and more invie sorting…] I’ve got another LONG blog post! It’s a nice mess of FREEbies, hunt & group gifties and other great finds :] You may get a sense of store repetitiveness but hey I can’t help myself sometimes.
SWIMSUIT & GLASSES: {PopTart} Frilly Swimsuit & Heart Glasses [Hide & Seek Hunt – Hunt runs through May 31 with 68 stores participating!]

TOP & BOTTOMS: *DivaLicious* Bow Tie Top [Top comes in 5 Colors/Part of May Group Gift – FREE to join]
SANDALS: +9 Summer Thumb Sandal [FREE – Loads of FREE stuff at this store!]


HAT: +Half-Deer+ ‘Too Much Fertilizer’ Flower Hat [Little Big Hunt – Hunt runs through May 30 with 31 stores participating]
BIKINI: [SAKIDE] Hemp Bikinis [Little Big Hunt gift – Hunt runs through May 30 with 31 stores participating]
SANDALS: +9 FlipFlop w/Flower [FREE – Loads of FREE stuff at this store!]

HAT: ChiMia Wendy Summer Hat [If you haven’t already, go check this place out – LOTS of great stuff including MESH clothing with color change HUDs, home items and gatchas. Be sure to join the group as well and keep up with them on their Blog!!]
BIKINI: Tokyo.Girl Bikini Sue Mai Baby Blue [5L Promo on MP]
SANDALS: +9 Flip Flop Sea Side Story [FREE – Loads of FREE stuff at this store!]

HAIR: “”D!va”” Hair “Mana” Type A in Onyx [Group Gift – FREE to join]
EYES: [Detour] Gamma Eyes – Brown (Light Sclera)
CHEST ENHANCER: *C:K* Chest Enhancer FREE on FREEbies Wall [Loads of other FREEbies as well]
POSES: GLITTERATI Awkward Silence [FREE gift – Others available/Be sure to also join the group and slap the subscribo!]
LOCATION: The Boardwalk
I had to take a just for fun picture with my sky set to Incongruent Truths… I think it turned out beautiful :]


Wow I’m on a roll…

TWO posts in the same week is a record for me okay? So I’m feeling pretty ambitious which is why I’ve got THREE parts to this post :] Lotsa good stuff including FREEbies! More ChiMia stuff because well they are just awesomesauce ❤ They’ve got lots of MESH items that come with HUDs for all your color and texture needs! This is the same store that brings you those adiorable Goobles [See my previous post]
BlogPost2 CloseUpHAIR: Amacci Hair Adena in Golden Brown [FREE fatpack at the store]
SKIN: [RockBerry] Megan A Light [Old Hunt Gift]
BLUSH: :*BABY*: Starry Night Blush – Berry Normal [FREE on MP]
EYES: [ROLY-POLY] Dolly Eyes in Black S [FREE on MP – They also have several other FREEbies]
CHEST ENHANCER: *C:K* Chest Enhancer [On FREEbie wall – tons of other FREEbies as well]
NECKLACE: (AMD) Eccentric Pencil Necklace [FREEbie on front counter]
TOP: ChiMia Melanie Tube Top Dotted Light [HUD with 5 color options]
PANTS: ChiMia Molly Skinny Jeans [HUD with 10 color options]
iPOD FOR ARM: NCparis Design MP4 NCparis [Comes with color HUD/FREE on MP]
HAIR FLOWER: ChiMia Lisa Hair Flower [HUD with 10 color options]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail FREEbie [Each nail is colorchange on Touch. This store has TONS of FREE stuff [lots of cute, detailed food] you just have to look around and click on everything lol]
BARE FEET: Meli Imako Mesh Ladies Tip Toe Bare Feet [FREE on MP]
The second part of this post is focusing on the ChiMia Melanie Tube Top. It comes in two other options besides the one in the post above which is the Dotted Light option.

ChiMia Melanie Tube Top Plaid [HUD with 5 color options]
ChiMia Melanie Tube Top Dotted Dark [HUD with 5 color options]
Here is the final and third part of my post! All the following hairs are located in bubbles on a beach area at Analog Dog Island anddddd they are FREE!!!

ADhair1 ADhair2[From Left – Right]
Ging Paprika
Ladonna Nutmeg
Mint Earth
Rebel Rebel Vanilla
Snapshot Marsala
Tantrum House Wine
Wound Up Egg

Again, all the hairs are FREE @ Analog Dog Island :]


So I didn’t wait *too* long between this post and my previous post… Today I am showcasing an over the top adorable Gooble :] It’s one of the gatcha machine prizes available from ChiMia. There are other colors and whatnot but this one is a rare :] But they are all #totes #adorbs ❤ And I WANT ONE IN REAL LIFE DAMNIT!!!

GoobleGoodness2>> HAIR << . ploom . [Formerly Deviant Kitties] Discontinued hairstyle BUT they have TONS of cute styles so check them out anyway :]
>> SKIN << *Amacci* Liane (Goth) – Silver [Old Group Gift – Subscribo group FREE to join ANDD they have a wall of FREEbies]
>> EYES << *Cupcakes Sugar Eyes
>> GOOBLE << ChiMia Gooble Gatcha Devilish RARE [Be sure to slap the Subscribo while you’re there and their group for FREE, then check out all their other gatchas and items for sale!!!]
>> DRESS << Overhigh. Striped Dress in Black – Also available in Creme [Group Gift – FREE to join]
>> BOOTS/STOCKINGS << :: ENVIOUS :: Part of MM Gift “So Crazy” [She always has full outfits up for grabs on 2 MM boards – One for everyone, one for the group which is FREE to join]
>> WINGS << Sn@tch Old Freebie [Still a few FREEbies on the front counter]

DAFHDSLKJRAEPWRUIAGH;LDKFGAHDSLGFHEORIUAPDFJ The store where I got the horns on my head has disappeared >:[ I will keep stalking it though and if it pops back up, I will blog about it LOL