Hey guys! I don’t normally write on my posts. However, I wanted to shed some light on the annual Second Life Home & Garden Expo. I am honored to be a blogger for this great event which benefits Relay For Life. I love Second Life, themed events and any opportunity to give back! Please consider visiting and picking up a few things for yourself or someone else. And/or if you feel so led, make a donation at any of the donation kiosks scattered throughout the 9 sims. Designers have specific items that will give 100% of proceeds to Relay For Life. All that to say – go check all the things out, shop and donate ❤
download (1)
download (1)
~also Known as~ @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
– Banana Tree in Creme Planter (Inside by daybed)
– Beach Hut Teal Rare
– Feather Palm in Creme Planter (On the porch)
– Four Seasons Daybed
– Long Crate Blue (Right inside by the doorway)
– Stool Crate Blue Shell B, Teal Plain & Teal Shell D (Shell B & Plain are inside/Shell D is on the porch)
BlackWood Furniture Hopeful Throw Pillows Gacha Dream & Peace @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
Broken Creek Decor @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9
– Healing Set (On Porch – Wall Circle Decor & Vases Group )
– Nexus Earth Connected Set (Inside – Big Potted Plant & Wall Circle Decor)
The Dollhouse @ SL Home & Garden Expo: Hope 9 
– White Bust Planter Blue & White Flowers (On top of tall crate right inside of doorway)