Late Night Ramblings…

It’s late and it’s been a few days since I’ve posted D: So here ya go! ^^ ❤


SHAPE: .:Panda Punx:. Alixx Shape @ [ Room69 ]
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Alixx Skin {Pure} Light @ [ Room69 ]
EYES: *Soulglitter* Peyton’s Eyes [Free]


HAIR: Tameless Rayne {Fantasy}
TANK: *COCO* Cropped Tank in Black [Group gift]
SKIRT: LavandaChic* Belted Mini Skirt in Pink/Turquoise @ FatPack Week Round 1
LEGGINGS: Le Poppycock *Idol Legging* in Slate @ FatPack Week Round 1
SHOES: :: Miss Canning :: Hermes Sneakers @ [ Room69 ]
NAILS: Adoness Killer Queen in China Rose @ The Black Market Final Round
RING: Phoebe’s Piercings & More Izar Ring in Pink @ [ Room69 ]
BRACELETS: ASO! Leather Bracelets in Cross/Coin in Gray&Silver @ FatPack Week Round 1
TATTOO: [ZENTRO] Stay True Tattoo @ [ Room69 ]


HAIR: Tameless Trinity {Fades}
OUTFIT: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Other Side
SHOES: :: Miss Canning :: Hermes Sneakers @ [ Room69 ]
RING: Phoebe’s Piercings & More Izar Ring in Black @ [ Room69 ]
BRACELETS: ASO! Leather Bracelets in Cross/Coin in White&Silver @ FatPack Week Round 1
TATTOO: [ZENTRO] Key to My Heart Tattoo @ [ Room69 ]


HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Dolo in Sandalwood
OUTFIT: NS:: New Sensation Dress in Leopard @ FatPack Week Round 1
JEWELRY: Beloved Jewelry Filigree @ [ Room69 ]


HAIR: Tameless Roxi {Naturals}
DRESS & SHOES: .::Pink Sugah::. Gossip in Yellow Stars @ Lubbly Jubblies
JEWELRY: -Jetcity Fashions- Black Pearl Jewelry Set [Free]
CLUTCH: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Knuckle Clutch in Yellow

Get yer hunt awn!!!

Yep. Lots of hunts going on this month. In my long post for the day I’m wearing items available from the Summer Dreams Hunt, Around the Grid Hunt, Join the Picnic Hunt & Dare 2 Bare Hunt. So stalk my post and happy hunting! :]


SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Skin Gift for Dare 2 Bare Hunt
HAIR: D!va Chizuru in Black Amber [Group gift]
EYES: [Detour] Gamma Eyes in Blue (Light Sclera)
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [Free]


MERMAID OUTFIT: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Cleo for Summer Dreams Hunt
NECKLACE: Modern Elegance MESH Free Necklace #2 [Freebie on MP]



DRESS: .::Pink Sugah::. In Bloom for Join the Picnic Hunt
STOCKINGS: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Stockings in Black
SHOES: Latreia Delilah Cheetah for [ Room69 ]
NECKLACE: Lassitude & Ennui Stacked Pearls Necklace in White @ ShopFree*Style


DRESS: .::Pink Sugah::. Need Me for Around the Grid Hunt
STOCKINGS: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Stockings in Black
BOW TIE CHOKER: L!KE My Lil Bowtie in Leopard Black @ [ Room69 ]
NECKLACE: Adoness Lady Mary Necklace in Teal @ The Black Market 
BRACELETS: Baubles! by Phe Disked Bangles @ [ Room69 ]
SHOES: Latreia Myka Black Polka @ [ Room69 ]



LINGERIE: .::Pink Sugah::. Want Me for Dare 2 Bare Hunt
STOCKINGS: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Stockings in White
JEWELRY: Adoness Princess Mia Accessories for The Black Market 


LINGERIE: 1 Hundred. Passion in Peach for Dare 2 Bare Hunt
STOCKINGS: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Stockings in Black
SHOES: Loordes of London The Candy Collection in Melon for The Black Market 
NECKLACE: -JetCity Fashions- Black Pearl Necklace [Freebie on MP]

Front Porch Sale!!

KatNipz Wonderland which I previously blogged about >>HERE<< is having a Front Porch Sale in honor of their grand sim opening! Designers have 2 or more items for 50% off just for this event some of it keeping with the whole Wonderland theme. So if you still haven’t gone to the sim, now is as good a time as ever! This event ends July 28 so hurry over to check it out!



SHAPE: .:Panda Punx:. Kara Shape Exclusive @ She & Him
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Kamila Skin in Natural Light
HAIR: Magika Hair Rome Mirrored in Blonde
BLUSH: .:Panda Punx:. Kamila Skin Bashful Blush
EYES: Detour Gamma Eyes in Blue (Light Sclera)
EYELASHES: .:Panda Punx:. Kamila Eyelashes


DRESS & SHOES: ToXiC HiGh “Alice” Wonderland @ KatNipz Front Porch Sale
SOCKS: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Stocking Knee High in White
BRACELETS: Lazuri Crescendo Necklace Set for The Free Dove
CUFF BRACELETS: ::Envious:: Part of Drop the Act Outfit [Current group gift]
MOUTHIE: Mmm…Kay! Cherries NomNom @ Food Fair
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [Free]


DRESS: Forbidden Butterfly Lolita in Olive @ KatNipz Front Porch Sale
SHOES: Forbidden Butterfly Butterfly Boots in Gray @ KatNipz Front Porch Sale
PANTYHOSE: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Pantyhose in Black
NECKLACE: Dark Mouse Vintage 50’s Pearls Necklace in Black for Fab Free



SHAPE: .:Panda Punx:. Kara Shape Exclusive @ She & Him
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Kamila Skin in Natural Light
HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Reema in Black Ombre
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Green [Free fatpack]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [Free]


TOP & PANTS: [ DeJaaVu ] Ripped in Red @ KatNipz Front Porch Sale
SHOES: -:Besieged:- Foxcub Sneaker Gift @ KatNipz Front Porch Sale [Free]
NECKLACE & BRACELET: -Jetcity Fashions- Black Pearls Jewelry Set [Free]
“BAD BITCH” RINGS: The P!nk Bandaid Lady Fingers Black Bitch @ KatNipz Front Porch Sale


CROWN, TOP, SKIRT & BOOTS: .Sugar & Cyanide. Red Queen @ KatNipz Front Porch Sale
PANTYHOSE: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Pantyhose in Red
BRACELETS: Hermony Wristbands [Free]

Newness! :]

.::PiNK CHERRY::. has some new releases out including 3 more colors for their Saatchi dress which I previously blogged about HERE!



SKIN: *Cupcakes Cecile in Copper (Brown) for Fab Free
HAIR: ChiChickie! Iris 2 gift for Hair Fair [Free]
CLEAVAGE: Curious Kitties Chest Enhancer [Freebies wall]
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Green [Free fatpack]
DRESS: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Saatchi Dress in Silver
SHOES: VG Sunny African in Violet for Summer Break Festival
NECKLACE & EARRINGS: !Elemental Tropical Wind Jewelry Set for Fab Free
BRACELET: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Bellini White Pearl Jewelry Set for Fab Free
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [Free]
CROWN: Adoness Turkey Crown for The Black Market
WINGS: Material Squirrel Winter Night Wings in White for Fab Free


SKIN: Koko Angel in Med Tone [Free]
HAIR: !lamb. Teased Up in Ink [Free fatpack]
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Green [Free fatpack]
DRESS: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Isabell in Cyan
NAILS: Alaskametro French Teal Nails [Free]
BRACELET, BOW, NECKLACE & RINGS: Adoness Princess Mia Accessories for The Black Market


SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Marianna Skin for The Black Market
HAIR: !lamb. Bob in Twix gift for Hair Fair [Free]
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Green [Free fatpack]
DRESS: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Leo Dress in Red
PANTYHOSE: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Pantyhose in Black
SHOES: Fashion Krush Krush Heels for the Porch Sale @ KatNipz
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [Free]
EARRINGS, HAIRBOW & NECKLACE: Adoness Lady Mary in Red for The Black Market
BRACELET: -JetCity Fashions- Black Pearl Bracelet [Free]

Kat in Wonderland

I recently became an official blogger for KatNipz Events which is currently hosting the Happily Ever After??? Hunt which ends 7/30. They are also getting ready for the upcoming Candy Girl Hunt which starts 8/15 so keep checking back on that! Anywho, today I am excited to give you a glimpse of their new sim KaTnipZ Wonderland. I  took more pictures than I originally intended because I kept finding stuff I wanted to show you D: But after you look through the piccies and stalk my “look of the morning” you should head on over to KaTnipZ Wonderland and check things out for yourself. Great photo opportunities and plenty of shopping! ❤


And now I give you my not so Wonderlandish “look of the morning”!! :]


SKIN: TuTy’s Nadia Pale Skin – Dark Plum Eyeshadows [Free fatpack]
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Purple [Free fatpack]
EYELASHES: MAR Creativity Studio Lashes [LB]
HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Alicia Brown Ombre Wild Scale
TOP: oO{VF}Oo Roota Top for [ Room69 ]
PANTS: VG Skinny Jeans Ripped in Leo Exclusive for Summer Break Festival
SHOES: VG Lust in Leo for Summer Break Festival
BRACELET: -Jetcity Fashions- Part of Black Pearl Set [Free]
NECKLACE: Adoness Lady Mary Necklace in Pink for The Black Market
BELLY TAT: UNIQUE Heart Ink Belly [Free]

>> Andd here’s your taxi to KaTnipZ Wonderland ;] <<

You’re like sunshine for the very first time <3

Today felt like a good day to show off several very fun summer pool/beach looks ^^ I wish I lived closer to a beach irl but such is not the case so I have to settle for a pool. Better than nothing I suppose… Anyways, I’ve got a nice fat post today for you using elements from several different designers and events that you should go stalk and purchase from 😀


SHAPE: .:Panda Punx:. Kamila Shape V.2 for Stuff in Stock
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Kamila Skin V.2 {Poppy} Light Cleavage for Stuff in Stock
HAIR: !lamb. Teased Up in Granny [Free fatpack]
LIPS: .:Panda Punx:. Sinful Lips in Enamorados exclusive for She & Him
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Cyan [Free fatpack]
EYELASHES: MAR Creativity Studio Lashes [LB]
OUTFIT [Bikini, Hat & Sandals]: !Soul Nanny Mesh Swimwear in Purple Square Cloth
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [Free]

SHAPE: .:Panda Punx:. Kara Shape exclusive for She & Him
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Kamila Natural {Light} Cleavage
HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Reema in Brown Scale 8
LIPS: .:Panda Punx:. Sinful Lips in Amorcito exclusive for She & Him
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Cyan [Free]
EYELASHES: MAR Creativity Studio Lashes [LB]
OUTFIT [Bikini, Hat & Sandals]: !Soul Nanny Mesh Swimwear in Red Dots
NECKLACE: +:+WTG+:+ Starfish Necklace for Old Europe Starfish Hunt [Until 7/15]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [Free]


SHAPE: .:Panda Punx:. Kaydyn Shape exclusive for She & Him
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Kaydyn Skin exclusive for She & Him
HAIR: D!va Mai in Onyx [Group gift – free to join]
LIPS: .:Panda Punx:. Sinful Lips in Pecado exclusive for She & Him
OUTFIT [Bikini, Hat, Sunglasses & Sandals]: !Soul Nanny Mesh Swimwear in Zebra Blue
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [Free]trsholly

SHAPE: .:Panda Punx:. Tanya Shape for [ Room69 ]
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Kamila Cruella {Sunkissed} Cleavage
HAIR: D!va Naomi in Onyx [Group gift – free to join]
BIKINI: Hollyhood Black Fishy Slinky Separates for Feeb’s Rascals St Sales Room
SUNGLASSES: Hollyhood Black Shore Sunglasses for Feeb’s Rascals St Sales Room
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [Free]
FLIP FLOPS: +9 Micanga Pop [Free]

SHAPE: .:Panda Punx:. Evona Shape exclusive for She & Him
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Kamila Classic {Bronze} Cleavage
HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Alicia in Brown Ombre 8
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Hazel [Free fatpack]
EYELASHES: MAR Creativity Studio Lashes [LB]
BIKINI: {trs} Chevron Bikini in Grey exclusive color for [ Room69 ]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [Free]
FLIP FLOPS: Surf Couture Freedom Flops in Black
NECKLACE & BRACELETS: -JetCity Fashions- Black Pearls Set [Free]

[ Room 69 ]

Today’s post is long because 1. I haven’t posted since Saturday D: and 2. I just recently discovered an event called  [ Room 69 ] which runs every month from the 1rst – 20th. This round is almost up, but you’ve still got a couple days to hurry in and ch-ch-ch-check it ooouuutttt ^^ See my other  [ Room 69 ] post >>here<<!  

SHAPE: Markel Shapes Kieva @ [ Room 69 ]
CHEST ENHANCER: Curious Kitties Chest Enhancer [FREE]
EYES: [Detour] Gamma Eyes in Green Dark Sclera



HAIR: D!va Naomi in Garnet [Group gift – FREE to join]
HAT: Xen’s Hats Jones Black @ [ Room 69 ]
OUTFIT [Top & Shorts]: oO{VF}Oo Omstud Outfit @ [ Room 69 ]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [FREE]
TIGHTS: *Sheer* Tights in Zebra [FREE]
SCARF: ::Czarny Kanarek:: Black Mesh Cowl Scarf @ [ Room 69 ]
NECKLACE: [Fairy Tail] Antique Pendant Key [Dollarbie]
BRACELET: : Amorous : You Bracelet [FREE]
TATTOO: ::Wicked Tattoos:: Checkered Tattoo [FREE]
SKATES: Latreia Rollers Pink @ [ Room 69 ]

HAIR: Exile Bianca in Coffee
JACKET: ..:: E d e n ::.. Straight Jacket Black @ [ Room 69 ]
TANK: Jane. Intrinsic Tank in Concord [FREE fatpack instore]
JEANS: even.flow Edgy Jeans
BAG: *COCO* Clear Tote Bag in Black [Group gift – FREE to join]
NECKLACE: .:MALT:. Old Hunt Gift Necklace
SHOES: Latreia Kleo Purple @ [ Room 69 ]

HAIR: D!va Akane in Onyx
SUNGLASSES: .:Pelletteria Morrisey:. Caretta Sunglasses
SWIMSUIT: .:cut here:. Dotted Frills Swimming Suit @ [ Room 69 ]
FLIP FLOPS: +9 Flip Flop w/Flower [FREE]
NECKLACE: -Jetcity Fashions- Black Pearls Necklace [FREE]
CHEST TATTOO: (SFU) Dark Free Star Tattoo [FREE]
LEG TATTOO: !K&L! Starry Leg Tattoo [FREE]
TOTE: !KKBB!! Deidre Shoulder Tote – Wicker [Dollarbie]

HAIR: D!va Chizuru in Onyx
BOW: LaViere Candy Bow Pearl [$10L for fatpack]
HOODIE: [LF] SS Hoodie Pink for [ Room 69 ]
TANK TOP: Jane. Intrinsic Tank Milk [FREE fatpack instore]
SKIRT: (Elate!) Part of Emily Outfit for The Free Dove [FREE]
GLOVES: X*plosion Fishnet Gloves Black Normal [FREE – TONS of boxes full of free stuff in the lower level]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [FREE]
FISHNETS: :.Envious.: Part of Tourniquet outfit
SHOES: *COCO* Flat Ankle Boots Black [Group gift – FREE to join]
BLACK NECKLACE: Modern Elegance Mesh Free Necklace [FREE]
CROSS NECKLACE: Heavenly Cross Jewelry Set for The Free Dove [FREE]
BRACELET: Dark Mouse Free Dove Bracelet for The Free Dove [FREE]
SNAKE BITES: ni.ju Snake Bites [FREE]
TATTOO: !K&L! Starry Leg Tattoo [FREE]


HAIR: !lamb. Teased Up in Blood Fruit [FREE fatpack instore]
FLOWER: ChiMia Lisa Hair Flower
TANK: [trs] Pocket Tank in Slate & White @ [ Room 69 ]
SHORTS: {.::LRH::.} Frayed Medium Denim Shorts [Dollarbie]
TIGHTS: *Sheer* Tights KissKiss [FREE]
SHOES: = Baby Butterfly = Space Boots @ [ Room 69 ]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [FREE]
JEWELRY: Chop Zuey Paparazzi Jewelry Set
TATTOO: :: YaYo :: Anatomy Tattoo [FREE]

WHEW! And now…it’s time for a nap…

Triple Threat Tuesday

Another LOOONNNGGGG post FULLL of Funny Puppet Fair awesomeness! Remember – this event runs through June 17th so hurry and get in there!!!

BabyDoll1 BabyDoll1b

SKIN: .StrawberryJam. \Hotaru/ Skin for FPF
SHAPE: .StrawberryJam. \Hotaru/ Shape for FPF
HAIR: D!va Mayumi in Ruby [Group Gift – FREE to join]
EYES: .StrawberryJam. \Hotaru/ Eyes for FPF
SHIRT: [BUBBLE] ELECTRIC Exclusive Robotica Shirt for FPF
STOCKINGS: [BUBBLE] ELECTRIC Exclusive Robotic Stolkings in Pastel Kawaii for FPF
SHOES: Urban Bomb Unit PornStar Hi Tops [Various color/texture options on touch]
MARIONETTE STRINGS: Curio Obscura Marionette Controls & Ribbons in Brassy for FPF
POSE: Le Poppycock Inebriate of Air for FPF

BabyDoll2 BabyDoll2b

SKIN: .:*DuCk or SwAn*: Sweety Doll Skin Exclusive for FPF
SHAPE: My own creation ❤
HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/ Trish Hair Double in Ash
EYES: Le Poppycock Doll Eyes in Poet for FPF
DRESS: LavandaChic* Dolly Dress in Green for FPF
POUCH: FreakyDesign Mouse Pouch for FPF
SHOES & SOCKS: +RUI+ Mori Girl Aisare Wedge Sole [LB Prize]

BabyDoll3 BabyDoll3b

SKIN: .:*DuCk or SwAn*: Susidoll Skin for FPF
SHAPE: .:*DuCk or SwAn*: Susidoll Shape for FPF
HAIR: D!va Chizuru in Onyx [Group gift – FREE to join]
EYES: Le Poppycock Doll Eyes in Solitude for FPF
DRESS: even.flow Rockabilly Baby Dress for FPF
BOOTS & SOCKS: :.Envious.: Part of So Crazy outfit
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [FREE]
PEARL BRACELET/NECKLACE: -Jetcity Fashions- Black Pearls Set [FREE]
SILVER NECKLACE: [Fairy Tale] Antique Pendant Key [DOLLARBIE]
STUDDED BRACELETS: Hermony Wristbands [FREE]
EARRINGS: : Amorous : Encircled Earrings [FREE]

*** FPF is the taxi to the Funny Puppet Fair, but I also have each store’s mainstore linked. So if you want to go to the individual store click on its name, if not then click on FPF ^^ Just wanted to clarify ***

Posty Posty!!!

Yeah…feeling a little title uncreative today… =P Today I’m showing you some new skins by :.::Hot Stuff::.:, some outfits by Wild Talender and a couple from the Funny Puppet Fair so stalk all these goodies up!! :]

Posty1aSKIN: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Castiel Skin in Dark Tan
HAIR: D!va Haruka in Onyx
EYES: Le Poppycock Doll Eye in Doe for FPF
SHAPE: My Own Creation :] ❤
OUTFIT INCLUDING BRACELETS: Wild Talender Mesh Maria in Cream

Posty2aSKIN: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Castiel Skin in Tan
HAIR: D!va Maya in Onyx
EYES: Le Poppycock Doll Eye in Doe for FPF
SHAPE: My Own Creation :] ❤
OUTFIT: Kaithleen’s Mesh Harem in Blue for FPF
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [Each nail is color change on touch/FREE]
NECKLACE: Lazuri Multi Strand Necklace Color Change for The Free Dove [FREE in Jewelry Section]
BRACELETS: : Amorous : You Bracelets [FREE]

Posty3aSKIN: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Castiel Skin in Sunkiss
HAIR: D!va Naomi in Black Amber
EYES: Le Poppycock Doll Eye in Doe for FPF
SHAPE: My Own Creation :] ❤
OUTFIT: Wild Talender Mesh Safia in Red
NAILS: Vextra Ultra Shine Nail Polish French in Classic for The Free Dove [FREE in Jewelry Section]
JEWELRY: Earthstone’s Jewelry Lora in Sunstone Gold for The Free Dove [FREE in Jewelry Section]

Posty4aSKIN: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Castiel Skin in Pale
HAIR: D!va Marie in Red Amber
EYES: Le Poppycock Doll Eye in Doe for FPF
SHAPE: My Own Creation :] ❤
DRESS: *Tentacio* Mesh Puppi Dress in Ombre for FPF
BRA: ChiMia Celeste Lingerie in Purple
SHORTS: {.::LRH::.} Mesh Frayed Denim Lights Shorts [Dollarbie]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [Each nail is color change on touch/FREE]
JEWELRY: -Jetcity Fashions- Black Pearl Necklace Set [FREE]
RING: Layla Bluedrop Ring Cloudy Sapphire [FREE]

PostSkinCloseUp2Close up of skins from L – R/Top – Bottom:
:.::Hot Stuff::.: Castiel Skin in Dark Tan, Tan, Sunkiss & Pale

*** FPF is the taxi to the Funny Puppet Fair, but I also have each store’s mainstore linked. So if you want to go to the individual store click on its name, if not then click on FPF ^^ Just wanted to clarify ***

Quick Post!

I’ve got lots to blog about within the next couple weeks – that’s why there’s been a couple days of silence from me as I’ve been putting together outfits to blog! I started to feel like I was hitting a dry patch but I have been renewed so yayyyy

QuickPost1_001 QuickPost2_001

SKIN: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Francisca [June Group Gift – $10L Join Fee]
HAIR: D!va Marie in Onyx [Group Gift – FREE to join]
EYES: Le Poppycock Doll Eye in Gypsy for Funny Puppet Fair 
BOW: -LaViere- Candy Bow in Lavender [10L for several colors!]
SOCKS & GARTER: ~*RunoRuno*~ Spring Stockings Part of Spring Outfit [FREE]
DRESS: Dandelion Wine Mesh Mini Dress w/Color HUD [Currently 10L – Storewide 10L sale until June 10!]
SHOES: Plausible Body Classic Pumps [Part of Citadine Outfit/Comes with Color HUD – FREE]
BELT: Wide Waist Belt in Sugar Plum [FREE]
SHOPPING BAGS: NCparis Shopping Bag for Fashion Victim [FREE]
CLUTCH: {{ BSD Designs }} Presstissimo Clutch [Welcome Gift]
NAILS: Vextra Ultra Shine Nail Polish French #1 Classic [For the Free Dove in Jewelry Section – FREE]
RING: .:*December*:. Rose Ring Ver. 2 [FREE]
PEARL NECKLACE: -Jetcity Fashions- Black Pearls Necklace [FREE]
PENDANT NECKLACE: [Fairy Tail] Antique Pendant Key [Dollarbie]
EARRINGS: Lazuri Multi Strand Earrings Color Change [For the Free Dove in Jewelry Section – FREE]