HAIR: .EscalateD. Charly Special Dip-Dye Mini HUD [Evil Bunny Productions Group Gift] @ Black Friday Bazaar – ONLY available at this event which ends tomorrow!
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Maryna Apricot V1 Cl
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Icy Blue [Old Hunt]
SWEATER & JEANS: Mishmash Fusion Silver Echo Sweater & Forever In Jeans @ Black Friday Bazaar [Ends tomorrow]
POSE: HelaMiyo Runway 1


BeFunky Collage
EARS: !The Little Bat Kitty Ears Bows/Grey for Rotten Egg Hunt
HAIR: .EscalateD. Kira Hair Sepia HUD $1L for Evil Bunny Hunt [Nice]
SKIN: The Sugar Garden Angel D Tone Bust Brown T – Soft Body
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Brown
OUTFIT: Sweet Thing Unicorn Princess Purity
SHOES: *Dilly Dolls* Nilla Heels [Slink] @ Shoetopia
TAIL: Sweet Thing Fluffy Naughty Kitten Tail
NECKLACE: !Indulge Temptation! Nova Necklace HUD 7

I know Halloween is over but if you know me I tend to lean more towards Halloweeny type posts – AKA dark, evil, creepy, kowai LOL When I logged back in from my break I was bummed bc I missed all the Halloween events/hunts. But I was soo excited to see that Hocus Pocus was on until November 5. If you aren’t familiar with Hocus Pocus, it’s where the stores involved have a limited exclusive you can get for either free or $50L. Visit the website that I’ve got linked several times in this post to see a full catalog of what’s available and how to acquire these items! So get to hocus pocusing and whatnot =P
Ribbet collage
HAT: A*S Witch Hat for Hocus Pocus [Free or $50L. Ends 11/5. Read more >> HERE <<]
HAIR: .Escalated. Yasmin Hair
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Sacha V2 Caramel
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Brown
DRESS: *Tentacio* Clara Witch Gacha Clara Dress Blue
SHOES: *Dilly Dolls* Yuva Dollies Dark
COLLAR: *NeverWish* Kreao Collar for Hocus Pocus [Free or $50L. Ends 11/5. Read more >> HERE <<]
WRISTBANDS: *Dilly Dolls* Bellan Wristbands
BROOM: *Dilly Dolls* Witch’s Broom for Hocus Pocus [Free or $50L. Ends 11/5. Read more >> HERE <<]

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HAIR: rezology Messy and Manicured
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Merel V1 Caramel
EYES: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. Ripple Eyes Sky
OUTFIT: Fawny Lady of the Show Body White [Gacha]
FISHING POLE: unKindness Dreamer’s Sky Fishing Pole Gold [Group Gift] @Gacha Garden
unKindness Dreamer’s Sky Gacha @ Gacha Garden
– Cycle Gent’s
– Dreamy Fog
– Good Night Moon [Seed of Inspiration/Read how to get SOIs >> HERE <<]
– Puddles Blue, Gold, Pink & Silver
– Resting Cloud 1 & 2
– Reverie Theater Rare
– Sleepwalker
– Slumber Circlet
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download (2)

download (1)
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HAIR: Alli&Ali Almeda Hair 4 for Elven Forest Hunt
ANTLERS: Yay and Stuff Kawaii Reindeer Antlers Pink @ White Elephant Gacha
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Ivaana v3 Apricot @ Frozzen Fair
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Hot Pink
DRESS: { V I N C U E } Windy+T Dress [Free gift] @ Kawaii Project [Ends tomorrow!]
LEGGINGS: [Cosmic Dust] Black Cotton Leggings
SHOES: +black moon+ Lillith Boots Pastels [Slink high] @ Black Craft
JEWELRY: !Indulge Temptation! Fluffly Set 1 @ White Elephant Gacha
DRINK: Tentacio Downtown Visit Choco Drink [Gacha]
POSE: {Imeka} Ayumi 5 [Free]
FENCE & SNOWMAN: Serenity Style Happy Winter Set
darkendStare Kawaii Project Birthday Cat [Free gift] @ Kawaii Project [Ends tomorrow!]
*katat0nik* (Peppermint) Dark Choco Bunny Ice Cream [Free gift] @ Kawaii Project [Ends tomorrow!]
-tres blah- Soiree Pastries [Gacha]
RUG: {anc} Noel Frilled Furrug Milk [Gacha]
WALL FLOWERS: *Shabby Tabby* Bright Foil Flowers 4 & 6, Bright Wallflowers 5 & 8 @ Naughty or Nice
KITTENS: darkendStare The Cattening Cupcake Play & Stretch [Gacha] @ Kawaii Project [Ends tomorrow!]
-tres blah- Vanity Desk [Gacha]
Harambee Neon Lights Trees w/Menu 6 $1L for Merry Christmas Hunt
-Nomi- Dessert Plate 01 [Free gift] @ Kawaii Project [Ends tomorrow!]
Glam Affair Strawberry Whipped Cupcakes Tray [Gacha]
CUSHION: Sweet Thing Comfy Birthday Bunny Cushion Pink [Free gift] @ Kawaii Project [Ends tomorrow!]

Happy [early] Turkey Day! :D

This will be the last post you have from me for a few days while I focus more on RL and family time celebrating Thanksgiving ^^ So Happy [early] Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates this holiday! And if you don’t – I still hope you have a good time doing whatever it is you plan to do 😀 ❤
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HAIR: ~Tableau Vivant~ Healy Shadows [Gacha]
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Rainbow Orange Apricot @ Cosmetic Fair
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Brown
OUTFIT [Shirt, Skirt & Stockings]: !The Little Bat Gobble These $0L for Dirty Turkey Hunt
SHOES: :::insanya::: D3mon1aZ Boots
COLLAR: ::Duh!:: Dirty Turkey Posture Collar -Ring $0L for Dirty Turkey Hunt
PURSE: Mag<3.B Knit Bag – Pistachio
POSE: Glitterati Model Pack 33, Pose 321
ART: The Artist Shed Leaf on the Wind $0L for Hello Fall Hunt
TABLE & CHAIRS: StoraxTree Harvest Tables Chairs Set C [Group gift]
~Darkmatter~ Fall Bowls, Cups & Saucers $1L for Leaves Are Falling Hunt [Also includes dinner plates, salad plates, 2 different sized champagne glasses, pitcher, sugar bowl, tea pot & tray. There are two full place settings in the hunt gift but all items are no copy… However, it is a steal @ $1L for everything it comes with! I bought the gift 3 times to fill my 6 place setting formal dining table ^^]
The Artist Shed Autumnal Candle $1L for Hello Fall Hunt [Also comes w/table & Leaf Bag Chair]
The Artist Shed Turkey Topiaries $1L for Jerky Turkey Hunt
LEAVES: Lilith’s Den Dramatic Leaves Carpet Autumn Maple $1L for Leaves Are Falling Hunt
SCREEN: StoraxTree Joie de Modestie Room Divider Bc
PUMPKIN DECOR: *Shabby Tabby* Rustic Pumpkin Decor & Autumn Warmth Caged Pumpkins [Autumn items on MP]

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HAIR: .ploom. Lottie Browns
BOW/BOLTS/STITCHES: { L O V E F O X } Desu Monster Bow Midnight, Monster Bolts & Stitches @ Kawaii Project
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins November Pineapple V2 [Group Gift]
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Fresh Green
DRESS: ::Una:: Grace Dress Green @ Shiny Shabby
SHOES: {MOEKO} Parfait Dolly Shoe Black [Slink High]
EARRINGS: {AIKO} Sweet Sugar Skull Earring
NECKLACE: ~Tantalum~ Quija Womens Necklace $0L for Dirty Turkey Hunt
RING: [bubble] Skull Ring $0L for Dirty Turkey Hunt
POSE [Comes w/Candlelabra]: BellePoses Carolyn 5 $0L for Dirty Turkey Hunt
FURNITURE: [CIRCA] Wicked Nights Pumpkin Coffee Table – Spooky!, Highback Web Chair – Crow & Round Rug – Black Web $0L for Firestorm’s Spooky Nights Hunt [Sim 1]

HAIR: *~*Damselfly*~* Acantha Tuxedo [Gacha]
HEADBAND: *[Eclat]* Bat Headband $1L for Grande Olde Horrorfest Hunt [Ends 11/6]
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins November Chestnut V3 [Group gift]
EYES: {S0NG} Vampy Moon Eye
EYESHADOW: Bella Elephante Soulless White Eyeshadow for Hocus Pocus Hunt
STOCKINGS: + black moon + Thigh High Socks Bats White [Pack B]
SHOES: *Dilly Dolls* My Pet Spider Boots [Slink Mid] for Hocus Pocus Hunt
NECKLACE: ALTAIR* Bat Necklace Special Prize @ The Epiphany
WINGS: Material Squirrel Jynx Bat Wings for Hocus Pocus Hunt
WAND: {Dappers&Darlings} Halloweeny Wand Happily Haunted Hunt [Trail 1 Freebie Prizes][Ends 11/5]
POSE: Nani Poses Simple Pose Set
PUMPKINS: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Pum-Pumpkins Gacha Horror Rare, Titania Rare, Bring It On, You Shall Not Pass, Patrol A & My Pumpkin

Halloween State of Mind

Yeah I’m gonna be the weirdo who still posts Halloween stuff after the fact… =P But in my defense I wasn’t able to log for a few days including Halloween so I’m really just making up for it 😀 Plus there are a few Halloween style hunts going on that I will be be showing you in my posts the next couple days or so. Just bear with me ;]
HAIR: .EMBW. Mirima Hair Naturals @ SaNaRae
HAT: [Dysfunctionality] Spooky Witch Hat for Hocus Pocus Hunt
HORNS: Evermore Oh My Ectoplasm Horns (Tint Da Goo) for Hocus Pocus Hunt
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Queenie Snow V4 @ Makeover Room
FANGS: Kelli Kreation Bringer of Death Fangs
DRESS: Kaithleen’s Sarah Long Dress night
NECKLACE: !Indulge Temptation! Lilith Necklace Red Rare @ Scare Fest Gacha
POSE: [~Sahara’S~] Apocalypse 1 for Hocus Pocus Hunt
WEB: [atooly.home] Web Lights for Hocus Pocus Hunt
CAGES: {Roawenwood} Lil Monster Squared Cage & Tall Cage for Hocus Pocus Hunt
TREES: [Dysfuncationality] Gnarled Tree Stand for Hocus Pocus Hunt

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download (2)
HAIR: *~*Damselfly*~* Angelica Mixed Pack
HAT: + black moon + Confetti Witch Hat $0L for Witchy Hour Hunt 2
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins October Girls 2015 Apricot V1 [Group gift]
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Hot Pink
OUTFIT: + black moon + Noir
SHOES: The Sugar Garden Preppy Boot Black
NECKLACE & ARMBANDS: POMPOSITY Multi-Cross Arm Band w/Chain & Multi-Cross Necklace Full
BRACELETS: + black moon + Cross Bracelets
NAILS: Dark Passions Koffin Nails Witches Familiars $0L for Witchy Hour Hunt 2
MUG: *Secret Oktober* Quija Black Mug $0L for Monster Hunt @ Pumpkin Town
BUCKET: Sweet Thing Trick or Treat Basket Day 1 Group Gift for Week of Halloween [Group is temporarily free to join during event]
POSE: Glitterati Model Pack 33, Pose 322
HELLPUP: Sweet Thing & darkendStare Guilty Shortcake Hellpup
HEARTS CURTAIN & TABLE: THUNDER Farol & Table $2L for Bittersweet Hunt
WITCH HAT LIGHTS: Casita Hanging Witchy Decor [Free] @ Wayward Halloween
LOLLIPOPS: *Shabby Tabby* Spooky Lollys [Part of the 50% off Halloween items sale until 11/1. After that, they will be gone!]
SWEETS TOWER: *Shabby Tabby* Misfortune Cookies $2L for Bittersweet Hunt [Also at the mainstore, there’s a 50% off sale for Halloween items until 11/1 then they will be gone!]
CAKE: Imagine Flowers & Garden Hunt Gift Cake $2L for Bittersweet Hunt