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HAIR: rezology Messy and Manicured
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Merel V1 Caramel
EYES: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. Ripple Eyes Sky
OUTFIT: Fawny Lady of the Show Body White [Gacha]
FISHING POLE: unKindness Dreamer’s Sky Fishing Pole Gold [Group Gift] @Gacha Garden
unKindness Dreamer’s Sky Gacha @ Gacha Garden
– Cycle Gent’s
– Dreamy Fog
– Good Night Moon [Seed of Inspiration/Read how to get SOIs >> HERE <<]
– Puddles Blue, Gold, Pink & Silver
– Resting Cloud 1 & 2
– Reverie Theater Rare
– Sleepwalker
– Slumber Circlet
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HORNS: Le Coq D’or Candlelight Gacha Horns Rare
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Valor V3 Caramel
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Golden Fire
DRESS: Fawny Lady of the Show Dress Rare (Green, Black, Blue HUD)
SHOULDER ARMOR: Le Coq D’or Candlelight Gacha Shoulder Armor Yellow & Red
SHOES: The Sugar Garden Lolita Platforms Black [Slink Mid]
EARRINGS & NECKLACE: Le Coq D’or Boo! Gacha
– Choker Witch Gold
– Earring Witch Gold
WINGS & CANDLE: Le Coq D’or Candlelight Gacha
– Candlestick Yellow & Red
– Wings Maroon
POSE: HelaMiyo Old Gown 1
TREE: Yokai (Formerly Le Coq D’or) Boo Gacha Halloween Tree Rare

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HAIR: MOON Isolation Naturals [Group gift]
HAT: ❤ Heartistic Witch Hat Black/Silver $0L for Twisted Hunt
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Orchid Caramel $0L for The Autumn Effect Hunt
EYES: S0NG Vampy Ghost Eye @ The Nightmare Event
DRESS: Tanoshi & lamp*light Stitchy Black Homemade Doll Dress @ The Nightmare Event
SOCKS: *Aphrodisiac* Shimmer Socks Black
SHOES: .::P!NK CHERRY::. Spiked Platform Heels Jane Black/Silver for Slink High
BROOM: *NeverWish* Hecate’s Broom [Free]
CHOKER: !The Little Bat Familiar Choker/Cat
NECKLACE: !The Little Bat Creepy Collections/Tentacle Ink [Gacha]
RING: Maxi Gossamer Duchess Dazzle Jewel Large Left Silver
CAT: Fawny Baby Kitty Milk [Gacha]
ORBS: { L O V E F O X } Wicked Spirit Essence; 9 @ The Nightmare Event
POSE: {NanTra} Spellbinder 3
TABLE: [CIRCA] Qi Energy Table with Glass Ring – Purple [Bonus 2 of 3] $0L for Twisted Hunt
DECOR: Soy. White Sages for Smoking, Turkey Feather, Wooden Bowl, Mortar Bowl & Calderone [Essentials of Witchcraft Set] @ Collabor88
SKYBOX: *Finishing Touches* Twisted Qi Skybox $0L for Twisted Hunt


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HAIR: BESOM *Milk* Hair Iggy Black
SKIN: -{The Attic}- Twisted Qi Female Skin Sunkissed $0L for Twisted Hunt
CRESCENT: .Shiro Tsuki. Black Moon Clan Crescent [Free]
OUTFIT [Blindfold, Axe, Fur, Top, Bottom, Armlets & Bracelets]: ::Una:: Ashe Silver @ Secret Affair
ON LEGS: Fawny Brave Soul Greaves Black
EARRINGS: .{yumyums}. Atlantian Goddess Earrings Silver [Retired Gacha
NECKLACE: .{yumyums}. Atlantian Goddess Necklace Silver/Smoke [Retired Gacha]
DEER: darkendStare Deerling Vladimir Rare & Tenebrae Rare @ Kawaii Project
POSE [Comes w/Energy Orb]: * dimma * Qi Pose 4 $0L for Twisted Hunt

I love the retro look of this set up ^^ Again, I’m not an expert decorator but I think I do okay lol
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HAIR: .EMBW. Alasseaea Naturals @ Rain or Shine [Ends soon]
BOW: -LaViere- Candy Bow White [$10L Fatpack on MP only]
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Grazia
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Aqua
DRESS: Loordes of London Pillow Talk Teal
SHOES: Loordes of London The Hetaera Release #31 @ Fi*Friday
NECKLACE: Loordes of London Ring of Gullion #1
BANGLE: Loordes of London La Boheme Ceramic Bangle Teal
BRACELET: Loordes of London Roll of the Dice #6
KITTY: Fawny Baby Kitty Milk [Gacha]
POSE: Glitterati Model Pack 33 Pose #322
SHELF: irrie’s { Dollhouse } Love Always Kitchen Doll Shelf @ Erotigacha [Ends tomorrow]
CHOCOLATES: irrie’s { Dollhouse } Love Always Sorry Sweetheart Chocolates @ Erotigacha [Ends tomorrow]
SIDETABLE: =Zenith= Vintage Sideboard Milk [Gacha]
SMALL TRAILER: irrie’s { Dollhouse } Love Always Short Short Trailer Rare @ Erotigacha [Ends tomorrow]
TELEVISION: irrie’s { Dollhouse } Love Always Hello Friends! TV Set @ Erotigacha [Ends tomorrow]

It’s magic :D

My friend got that Magic song stuck in my head. You know that one that goes OH OH OH IT’S MAGIC! YOU KNOOOOW! NEVER BELIEVE IT’S NOT SO! Yeah that one =P I think it fit the looks for this double post nicely so here we are ^^
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HAIR: Tameless Rowena Naturals
HALO: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Flare Halo Gold Rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
HORNS: Evermore Sleipnir’s Grace Horns Fool’s Gold
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Grazia
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Golden Fire
DRESS: Loordes of London A Scant Bit #11 @ The Wash
CHESTPIECES: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Flare Chest A & B in Gold @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
SHOES: Loordes of London Amherst Pumps Leather #11 [Slink High] @ The Wash
ARMBANDS: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Flare Armband Gold @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
BANGLE: Loordes of London La Boheme Ceramic Bangle Forest
STAFF: Fawny Forest Druid Staff Nature Rare
POSE: {NanTra} Spellbinder #2 Mirror
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HAIR: Tameless Colletta Naturals
HALO: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Flare Halo Black Rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
HORNS: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Ifrit Coal Horns B @ We ❤ Role Play
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Meadow
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Brown
DRESS: Loordes of London Catalonia III #7 for Steals & Deals
CHESTPIECE: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Flare Chest A Black @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
SHOES: Loordes of London The Diamond Bag #17 [Slink High] for Super Sales Weekend
WINGS: [ S H O C K ] Wings of Darkness Black #2 Rare
EARRINGS: Loordes of London Hooke’s Law #4
ARMBANDS: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Flare Armband Black @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
BRACELETS: Loordes of London The Serville War #13
STAFF: Fawny Forest Druid Staff Mystic Rare
POSE: {NanTra} Spellbinder #4 Mirror

Girls in Bikinis

Lol yes that was a reference to a song. Totally not a song that I like but I thought the title was fitting considering this double post consists of…you guessed it! Bikinis lol
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HAIR: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mermaid Hair Fatpack
EARS/HEAD FINS: +Half-Deer+ Mermaid’s Majesty Sea Bunny Ears Ocean & Bejewelled Head Fins Ocean
SKIN: ::Dulce Secrets:: Lyberty Soy Bare
LIPS: ::Dulce Secrets:: Bee-Stung Lipstick 1 @ The Makeover Room
EYES: ::Dulce Secrets:: Hydrangea Terra Firma Eyes @ Designer Showcase
BIKINI: Fawny Mermaid’s Delight @ We ❤ RP
NECKLACE: {Secret Love} Anne @ Totally Top Shelf [Mainstore 50% off sale until 8/20!]
BRACELET: +Half-Deer+ Mermaid’s Majesty Upcycled Fork Bracelet Silver [Gacha]
RING: !NFINITY Glam Ring Silver Pearl
SEAHORSE: Fawny Mermaid’s Delight Seahorse Companion 7 @ The Gacha Garden
POSE: ~Reel Poses~ Marife 1
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HAIR: .EMBW. Alasseea Hair Fade [Coming soon to Rain or Shine 8/10]
HORNS/HEADFINS: +Half-Deer+ Mermaid’s Majesty Abyssal Horns & Head Fins [Gacha]
SKIN: ::Dulce Secrets:: Lyberty Millet Quartz
EYES: ::Dulce Secrets:: Jade Terra Firma Eyes @ Designer Showcase
SEPTUM PIERCING: !IndulgeTemptation! Shanti Septum 3 v3
BIKINI: -FORZE- Fringe Bikini
SHOES: -={Unholy Creations}= Broken Death for Slink High @ Olala
NECKLACE: !IndulgeTemptation! Trophy Necklace for Fashion Play Hunt [Him]
BRACELETS: !IndulgeTemptation! Cord Wrap Bracelet 1
BELLY PIERCING: {Secret Love} Belly Bar [Mainstore 50% off sale until 8/20!]
POSE: HelaMiyo Fashion Blogger 1
BACKGROUND: BamPu Legacies Aurelia Temple Gold Set 1

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HAIR: *Pink Hustler* 8086 Browns Pack
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Daisey 4th of July Rare
BLOODY LIPS: ~SongBird~ Messy Eater Rather Hungry @ Horror Haute
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Brown
GLASSES: Fawny Sunshine Glasses Black
DRESS: .::P!NK CHERRY::. Zipped Corsage Dress Shea Black
SHOES: [KRAVE] Tendril Platforms Black for Slink High @ Event @ 1st
HORNS & EARRINGS: {Secret Love} Tentacle Love UltraRare [Gacha] @ Kowai Kawaii
NECKLACE & BRACELET: {Secret Love} Tentacle Love Purple [Gacha] @ Kowai Kawaii
BLACK FINGERS: ~SongBird~ Symptomatic @ Horror Haute
POSE: HelaMiyo Little Black Dress 2M


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HAIR: Tameless Juno Naturals
HORNS: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Helba Horns Candor
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Nadine Freckled [MP only special]
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Hades
OUTFIT: Fawny Brave Soul Top/Bracers & Bottom/Greaves in Black @ We ❤ RP
NECKLACE: {DEVIL} by {aii} Tooth Necklace Aged Ruby
BRACELETS: {DEVIL} by {aii} Tooth Bracelet Aged
STAFF: Alchemy The Shaman Gnarled Staff Darkness @ Arcade Gacha
NAILS: Dark Passions Koffin Nails Voodoo for Slink Casual
POSE: HelaMiyo Mayday 3
LOCATION: Eclectica