Rainy days are here again!

At least for today and possibly this weekend too. I feel very rested despite being awake when a huge thunderstorm came blowing through in the middle of the night and the fact I am working on my blog post at 8 AM which is usually when I try to still be asleep… But I love cloudy skies and rain, so I am hoping it sticks at least for the weekend ^^
HAIR: little bones Glass Leaf Ink Dipped [Group gift]
SKIN: Tameless Mallory Gold
EYES: [Detour] Gamma Eyes Hazel (Dark sclera)
FACE PIERCING: !NFINITY Diamonds Shark Bite Piercing @ Jewelry Fair [Opens tomorrow!!]
HEADBAND: Izzie’s 80’s Headband [$5L!!]
SWEATER: 9ty Clip Heart Sweatshirt @ Swag Fest
JEANS: Loordes of London Sondrio Jeans $5 @ The Thrift Shop
BACKPACK: Perch Heart Backpack in Silver @ The Black Dot Project
KEYCHAIN: NS :: Key Chain Heart 8 [Gacha/Comes with matching purse]
EARCUFF: :: Miss Canning :: Wings Earcuffs in Black
EARRINGS: {Witches & Rats} Slut Earrings Black/Black @ Suicide Dollz
RING: !NFINITY Laa Dee Da Ring in Black @ Jewelry Fair [Opens tomorrow!!]
UMBRELLA: DuCk or SwAn Dolly Umbrella Red @ Destocking Market & Gacha
PURSE: The Sugar Garden Gigi Bag in Red @ Arcade Gacha
SHOES: Perch Heart Sneaks @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
POSE: <K&S> Standing Poses 1 #5

LOTD 9/4/14

Is it just me or are the holidays fast approaching? I cannot believe it is already September. Already I’m thinking about all that holiday shopping and eating. Oh the eating. And the shopping. And the shopping online while eating… Yeh so this post isn’t really…holiday unless you wanna go ahead and say it’s sort of a Halloween look. Yeh I’m gonna go with that. This is one of my many Halloween looks 😀 That is afterall my favoritest holiday of them all =P
HAIR: DuCk or sWaN Mariie Hair Black @ Destocking Market & Gacha
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Piper {Crimson} Tea @ District 5 [Industrial] Last day is today!!
EYES: [Detour] Gamma Eyes in Grey (Dark sclera)
BOW: *katat0nik* Skull Hair Bow @ Arcade Gacha
OUTFIT [Top, Pants & Boots]: Loordes of London Make It So Red & Black Set @ Feeb’s Rascals Sales Room
SKIRT: Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy Dress Midnight @ Arcade Gacha
CHOKER: *katat0nik* Skull Bow Choker @ Arcade Gacha
GARTER:Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy Garter Midnight @ Arcade Gacha
PURSE: The Sugar Garden Gigi Purse in Black @ Arcade Gacha
POSES: little bean Boobies 26 & 27 @ Destocking Market & Gacha

Not another Taco Tuesday

So I’m a little bummed that the newest Pretty Little Liars Season ended. But I’m happy bc Taco Tuesday =P Discounted soft taco plates are what I live for every week ❤
HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Mia in Brown Ombre
SKIN: Tameless Valorie Light
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes in Hot Aqua
BOW: The Sugar Garden Crowned Jewel Bow in White
TOP: [ bubble ] Pink Stars Shirt @ The Candy Shop
LOLITA: Lolita Hentai Shorts in Pink
SOCKS: .Atomic. Scout Stockings in C ibi
CHOKER: -Nomi- Letter Heart Choker @ The Candy Shop
NECKLACE: {yumyums} Plastik Candy Pink Electrik [Gacha]
NAILS: RD Style Kawaii Nails V @ Destocking Market & Gacha
PHONE: The Sugar Garden Ketai Smart Phone Sweets Decoden Rare [Gacha]
PURSE: ur.favorite.one Moon Light Bag Cloud in Silver [Gacha]
UMBRELLA: DuCk or SwAn Dolly Umbrella in Pink @ Destocking Market & Gacha
POSE: little bean Boobies 30 @ Destocking Market & Gacha
TREE: Serenity Style My Wooden Hanger @ Destocking Market & Gacha
BEES: Serenity Style Bulbees [From top to bottom] Rare 2, Pink & Rare 1 @ Destocking Market & Gacha

Reef’s Colors Fair!!

I’ve been realllly excited about Reef’s Colors Fair – I love the theme of anything oceanic and colorful! This fair runs until 8/25 so hurry on over!! I will be out of town for the next three days and may not have a chance to blog… I’ve got a few things I wanted to show you before I went<3


SKIN: .:*DuCk or SwAn*: Tahitian Exclusive @ Reef’s Colors Fair
EYES: [Detour] Gamma Eyes in Blue (Light Sclera)
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [Free]


HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Reema in Brown Ombre Scale
TOP: NS:: Reef Inspiration Top in Coral @ Reef’s Colors Fair
BIKINI BOTTOMS: .:Damned Dolls:. Bubbles Bikini @ Reef’s Colors Fair
TATTOO: Love Zombie Heartless Tattoo @ [ Room69 ]
LONG NECKLACE: .:Evilkyoot:. Message in a Bottle Necklace @ Reef’s Colors Fair
SHORT NECKLACE: .:Evilkyoot:. Starfish Necklace @ Reef’s Colors Fair
HAIRPIECE: .:Evilkyoot:. Starfish Hair Decoration @ Reef’s Colors Fair


HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Dolo in Amber
JUMPSUIT: LavandaChic* Lady Octopus Jumpsuit @ Reef’s Colors Fair
SHOES: LavandaChic* Lunch Shark Shoe in Blue @ Reef’s Colors Fair
NECKLACE: Pure Poison Pearl Seashell Necklace @ Reef’s Colors Fair
EARRINGS: Baubles! by Phe Juxt Earrings @ [ Room69 ]


HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Alicia in Brown Ombre 9
TOP: even.flow Summertime Top “Starfish” in Blue @ Reef’s Colors Fair
SHORTS: ::{u.f.o}:: We Wanna Hotpants [Lucky Board item]
SHOES: LavandaChic* Lunch Shark Shoe in Orange @ Reef’s Colors Fair
OCTOPUS: .:Evilkyoot:. My Pet Octopus in Green @ Reef’s Colors Fair
HEADBAND: .:Evilkyoot:. Octo Bopper in Red @ Reef’s Colors Fair
GLASSES: NS:: Reef Glasses @ Reef’s Colors Fair

Wide Awake O.o

I had trouble sleeping last night =/ Tossing and turning and whatnot…so this post is a result of that. Just a little fun something to kickstart my day!



SKIN: DuCk or SwAn *Maty* Special [Group LB – free to join]
EYES: Amacci Real Eyes in Sky Blue
SHORTS: ur.favorite.one We Wanna Hotpants [Group LB – free to join]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [Free]


HAIR: Exile Rayanne Old Group Gift
BOW: LaViere Candy Bow in Original [$10L Fatpack]
SHIRT: Lavanda*Chic Double T-Shirt for [ Room69 ]
STOCKINGS: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Stocking Knee-High in Green
SHOES: Urban Bomb Unit PornStar Hi-Tops
NECKLACE: June Trenkins Candy Necklace [Free]
BANGLES: Can’t find store/Old Hunt Gift


HAIR: D!va Akane in Black Amber [Group gift – Free to join]
SHIRT: Lavanda*Chic Double T-Shirt [Group gift – Free to join]
STOCKINGS: :.::Hot Stuff::.: Stocking Knee-High in Purple
SHOES: Urban Bomb Unit Drunks
NECKLACE: June Trenkins Ana – Jellybean Necklace [Free]
COLORFUL PEARL STRAND: June Trenkins Pearl Necklace w/Anim [Free]
BODY PAINT: Pulchritude Rainbow Stars Body Paint

Triple Threat Tuesday

Another LOOONNNGGGG post FULLL of Funny Puppet Fair awesomeness! Remember – this event runs through June 17th so hurry and get in there!!!

BabyDoll1 BabyDoll1b

SKIN: .StrawberryJam. \Hotaru/ Skin for FPF
SHAPE: .StrawberryJam. \Hotaru/ Shape for FPF
HAIR: D!va Mayumi in Ruby [Group Gift – FREE to join]
EYES: .StrawberryJam. \Hotaru/ Eyes for FPF
SHIRT: [BUBBLE] ELECTRIC Exclusive Robotica Shirt for FPF
STOCKINGS: [BUBBLE] ELECTRIC Exclusive Robotic Stolkings in Pastel Kawaii for FPF
SHOES: Urban Bomb Unit PornStar Hi Tops [Various color/texture options on touch]
MARIONETTE STRINGS: Curio Obscura Marionette Controls & Ribbons in Brassy for FPF
POSE: Le Poppycock Inebriate of Air for FPF

BabyDoll2 BabyDoll2b

SKIN: .:*DuCk or SwAn*: Sweety Doll Skin Exclusive for FPF
SHAPE: My own creation ❤
HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/ Trish Hair Double in Ash
EYES: Le Poppycock Doll Eyes in Poet for FPF
DRESS: LavandaChic* Dolly Dress in Green for FPF
POUCH: FreakyDesign Mouse Pouch for FPF
SHOES & SOCKS: +RUI+ Mori Girl Aisare Wedge Sole [LB Prize]

BabyDoll3 BabyDoll3b

SKIN: .:*DuCk or SwAn*: Susidoll Skin for FPF
SHAPE: .:*DuCk or SwAn*: Susidoll Shape for FPF
HAIR: D!va Chizuru in Onyx [Group gift – FREE to join]
EYES: Le Poppycock Doll Eyes in Solitude for FPF
DRESS: even.flow Rockabilly Baby Dress for FPF
BOOTS & SOCKS: :.Envious.: Part of So Crazy outfit
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nail [FREE]
PEARL BRACELET/NECKLACE: -Jetcity Fashions- Black Pearls Set [FREE]
SILVER NECKLACE: [Fairy Tale] Antique Pendant Key [DOLLARBIE]
STUDDED BRACELETS: Hermony Wristbands [FREE]
EARRINGS: : Amorous : Encircled Earrings [FREE]

*** FPF is the taxi to the Funny Puppet Fair, but I also have each store’s mainstore linked. So if you want to go to the individual store click on its name, if not then click on FPF ^^ Just wanted to clarify ***