Let the rain fall away, cause today is beautiful <3

Some days I overthink and end up wishing I had my avi’s inventory as my wardrobe. I also wish I was ‘brave’ enough to actually dress how I dress her.


HAIR: .:{Rumina}:. Lark Black Ombre
SKIN: .:Panda Punx:. Kina {Light}
EYES: Amacci Real Eyes in Ocean Blue
EARS: ChiMia Pink Ears Gacha prize @ Eden Rising
LIPSTICK: .:Panda Punx:. Juicy Lips in Poppin Pink
BOW: Le Poppycock Pearl Bow Mad Labyrinth Dolled Up Gacha Prize
HEADBAND: Persefona Pearls Headband “Flora” in Blacks & Whites
MOUTHIE: {W&R} Easter Tamago Mouthie Rare 02 @ ::Happy Bunny Gacha Fair::
DRESS: [DandelionWine] Retro Mesh Dress w/9 texture HUD [Everything in this store is $10L and has texture HUDs]
LONG NECKLACE: [Fairy Tale] Antique Key Pendant Dollarbie
SHORT NECKLACE: Dark Mouse Vintage 50’s Pearl Necklace in Pink @ FabFree [Freebie]
BRACELET: J&A Rock Culture Shiny Bracelet in Hot Pink @ Room 69
RING[S]: [Right Hand] *P* Poinsetta Ring in Pink Spring Big part of the Spring Pack/[Left Hand] {W&R} Petit Coeur Ring in Black & Pink
NAILS: Action Stiletto Nails [HUD driven]
SOCKS: {W&R} Sweetheart Socks in Pink
SHOES***: .:Buttery Toast:. Pastel Brights HUD driven shoes! [Base model is free but must purchase a HUD or 2 or 6 to get all the fun bright color combos 😀 –  Single HUDs are @ $100L Each/Fatpack is $300L]

LOCATION: Havendale

*** For about another week or so the Sherbert HUD is a group gift. [After this, it will only be available in the Fatpack] Group is free to join and there are other gifts out as well [Shown below because why the heck not] As a fan of Fatpacks and anything that is HUD driven, I encourage you to purchase the Fatpack. You can use all the HUDs with each other to create diff color combos! K so check the other stuff out below and happy Fatpack buying and group joining! ;] ❤


SHIRT: .:Buttery Toast:. Trio Toast T-Shirt [Group gift]
JEANS: Loordes of London Pavia Jeans #5 @ Spring Break Fair
SHOES: .:Buttery Toast:. Pastel Brights Shoes in the limited time group gift color!

>> MIDDLE <<
BODYSUIT: .:Buttery Toast:. Galaxy Bodysuit [Group gift]

SOCKS: .:Buttery Toast:. See My Toes Socks in Fairy Kei [Group gift]

POSES: {Curve.It} Pose Set 1 @ Havendale $50L Market

I’m your puppet on a string

Ack! I’m a little behind schedule with what I was previously planning so here is another *quick* post. You’re probably going to get sick of me these next few days lol I just have so much I want to blog about! D: I’m thinking about pumping out at least 2 today…Yes you heard me right – TWO. In ONE day… We shall see… Anyways… As you can see on the left hand side of my blog here there is a Funny Puppet Fair [FPF] icon. It’s your taxi to the inworld event that lasts through June 17 and in today’s post I will be showcasing only a handful of items available. But there is so much more to post about but we’re starting with this :] ❤


SKIN: .:Evilkyoot:. Puppet Skin for FPF
HAIR: !lamb. Teased Up in Chewed Bubble Gum [Fatpack – FREE]
EYES: Le Poppycock *Doll Eye* in Daydream for FPF 
SHAPE: My own creation ❤
DRESS & SHOES: .:Evilkyoot:. Ballerina Puppet in Pink for FPF
NAILS: Action Mesh Stiletto Nails for Cynful Anniversary [FREE here]
MARIONETTE CONTROLS: Curio Obscura Marionette Controls & Ribbons in Black for FPF 
POSE: Le Poppycock Tangled Pose for FPF

Everything is coming up Dandy :]

Today’s LONG post centers around the store Dandelion Wine hence the “Dandy”… Anyways, there is currently a storewide 10L Sale until June 10!!! These are great quality mesh items with HUDs for several color possibilities. It’s great :] I have a good mix of freebies and group gifts mixed in as well so get through my post then go 10L/freebie shopping crazy!


SKIN: Panda Punx Kimmie Skin Cleavage [FREE]
HAIR: !lamb Unbirthday Redux in Kit Kat [FREE fatpack in store]
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Cyan [FREE Fatpack]
DRESS: Dandelion Wine Long Evening Dress [Currently 10L until June 10 – Comes with HUD]
NAILS: Gabriel Cute Pearl Ring Nails [Group Gift – FREE to join]
HAIR PIECE: Zuri Jewelry Vintage Pearl Hair Comb in Blue [Lucky Cupcake Item – Located on 2nd floor]
JEWELRY: Zuri Jewelry Sultry Soul Labradorite Pearls Collection
SHOES: Plausible Body Classic Pumps [Part of Citadine Outfit – FREE Full MESH outfit w/HUD ]


SKIN: Panda Punx Kimmie Skin Cleavage [FREE]
HAIR: D!va Hair Akane in Black Amber [Group Gift – FREE to join]
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Cyan [FREE Fatpack]
JUMPSUIT/GOLD BELT: Dandelion Wine Mesh Jumpsuit [Currently 10L until June 10 – Comes with HUD]
HAIR FLOWER: ChiMia Lisa Hair Flower [Comes with color HUD]
PURSE: SAKURAYA Sakura Flower Lace Bag [FREE]
NECKLACE/EARRINGS: *Always Eclectic* Classicism Set [FREE in the Jewelry Section of The Free Dove]
BRACELETS: Lamp*Light Rose Gold Set [FREE]
NAILS: +9 Summer French Nails [FREE – Each nail is touch to color change]
SANDALS: Energie Club Irenne Sandals in Beige [FREE Group Gift]


SKIN: Panda Punx Kimmie Skin Cleavage [FREE]
HAIR: Amacci Hair Fanny in Onyx
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Cyan [FREE Fatpack]
SKIRT: Dandelion Wine Mesh Mini Skirt [Currently 10L until June 10 – Comes with HUD]
BRA: ChiMia Celeste Lingerie in Cream
STOCKINGS: ChiMia Celeste Lingerie in Black
NECKLACE: Modern Elegance Mesh Necklace #1 [FREE]
PEARL BRACELET: Jetcity Fashions Black Pearl Bracelet [Forgot where I got this -___-]
CUFF: Hermony Wristband in Black [FREE]
EAR SPIKES: 7891 Nation Cuff in Gun Metal [FREE Group Gift for GOL 8th Element]
GAUGE: Black Unicorn Black Ear Gauges [FREE]
SNAKE BITES: ni.Ju Snake Bites [FREE]
HOLSTER: Envious Part of Tourniquet outfit
NAILS: Action Mesh Stiletto Nails [FREE gift for Cynful Anniversary]
LEG TATTOO: !K&L! Starry Leg Tattoo [FREE]
SHOES: Chandelle Cice Heels in Black [FREE Group Gift]


SKIN: Panda Punx Kimmie Skin Cleavage [FREE]
HAIR: D!va Hair Mana in Platinum [Group Gift – FREE to join]
EYES: Verse Eye Aria in Cyan [FREE Fatpack]
DRESS: Dandelion Wine Mesh Lola Dress [Currently 10L until June 10 – Comes with HUD]
HEAD WREATH: World’s End Garden Hair Wreath [Group gift – FREE to join]
WINGS: Envious Part of Lost Item outfit
FEET: Meli Imako Mesh Barefeet [FREE]