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HAIR: *Pink Hustler* 8015 Monochrome Pack [Camping Prize – 6 different color packs available by camping 20 minutes on the pool floats & chairs]
HEADBAND: Sweet Thing & darkendStare Plush Moogie Headband [Gacha @ Sweet Thing] for Tag! Gacha
SKIN: ::Dulce Secrets:: Sadye Soy Mystic
EYES: ::Dulce Secrets:: Revenant Carmine Eyes
DRESS: { V I N C U E } Bowy Dress Raven [Cleaning sale – everything is $99L and won’t be available anymore after it ends!!]
WINGS: Sweet Thing & darkendStare Plush Moogie Wings [Gacha @ Sweet Thing] for Tag! Gacha
BAT: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations::. Bat Companion [Gift] @ Fantasy Collective
PAWS: {L O V E F O X} Nyan Paws @ Kawaii Project
SLIPPERS: Sweet Thing & darkendStare Black Monster Slippers [Gacha @ Sweet Thing] for Tag! Gacha
NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer Riva Bow Short
POSE: BellePoses Cute Bat Girl 1 [Old Hunt Gift]
CORGIS: Sweet Thing & darkendStare Moogie Corgi Pet Rare & Plopped Monster Corgi [Gacha @ Sweet Thing] for Tag! Gacha
ARROWS: ChiMia Marquee Arrow Lights
EEK SIGN: *Shabby Tabby* EEK! Sign No Cord
SOFA: ChiMia Sofa of Neutrality Grey @ Gen-Neutral
TABLE: irrie’s Dollhouse Vintage Treats Table [Group gift]
TABLE DECOR: *Shabby Tabby* Bottle of Boos, Halloween Sweetie Treats, Halloween Kisses Bouquet, Spooky Lollys & Trick or Treat Jars