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HAIR: .EMBW. Vanlanthiriel Hair Ombre II [Coming Oct 16 to Pastel Goth]
CHOPSTICKS: .EMBW. Eyeball Stuck in Chopsticks Ultrarare [In store gacha]
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Venus V3 Drow [Coming Oct 16 to Pastel Goth]
EYES: .EMBW. Galaxy Eyes Ink [Coming Oct 16 to Pastel Goth]
DRESS: ALTAIR* Bat Queen Dress Black Rare @ The Epiphany
GARTER: Sweet Thing Blood Pentagram Trick Garter [Gacha]
STOCKINGS: Blink2Wink Bat Stockings Black $1L for Spookify Your Body Hunt
SHOES: !The Little Bat Grimrose Heels Batty Red for Slink High [Gacha]
CHOKER: darkendStare Eyeball Choker @ The Nightmare Event
NECKLACE: ALTAIR* Bat Necklace [Exclusive prize for points] @ The Epiphany
CUFFS: ALTAIR* Spike Cuffs Red @ The Epiphany
EARRINGS: .EMBW. Crying Eyeball Earring Human YinYang [In store gacha]
POSE: Eternal Dream Cleo 8 @ Designer Circle
SKYBOX: *Finishing Touches* Twisted Qi Skybox $0L for Twisted Hunt
COUCH & ARMCHAIR: *Finishing Touches* Scrolled Arm Couch & Arm Chair Black Leather
COFEE TABLE, CHANDELIER & OTTOMAN: *Finishing Touches* Caged Chandelier, Ellipse Coffee Table w/Decorative Bowl & Button Quilt Hassock Black Leather [Gacha]
BOOKSTACK & CRATE: Dreamscapes Art Gallery *Qi* Books w/Mug & Candles Crate [$0L for in store Twisted Mini Hunt]
WINDOW SEAT PILLOWS: *Finishing Touches* Twisted Qi Skybox Window Seat Pillows [$0L for in store Twisted Mini Hunt]
TABLE/TAPESTRY: *Finishing Touches* Skirted Table Lament 2, Hanging Tapestry Lament 2[$0L for in store Twisted Mini Hunt]
HELLPUP: Sweet Thing & darkendStare The Roarior Hellpup Plopped [Gacha]