Taste of Asia ^^

This post has been a long time coming. If you haven’t yet – be sure to make your way to the Multi Cultural Menu. Food from all over the world is represented by some of the grid’s best designers! Everything is themed and I am showcasing a lot of items from the Asian category ^^ Brace yourselves! I had a lot of fun setting this up ❤ Now excuse me while I go get some Asian food to eat irl…
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HAIR: Tameless Rita Naturals
HEADDRESS: {aii} Priestess of the Rose Headdress Holy Rare @ Ai Gacha
SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins June Group Gift
EYES: *Birth* Shiva Eyes Icy Blue
DRESS: Tentacio & antielle. Rabbit in the Moon Okobo Sky @ Arcade Gacha
SAC: Tentacioantielle. Rabbit in the Moon Sac White @ Arcade Gacha
NECKLACE: {Secret Love} Chunky Statement Necklace
POSE [Comes w/Onigiri]: BluPrintz Onigiri Pose w/ >u< Onigiri @ Multi Cultural Menu
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ALL THE FOOD!!! which can be found @ Multi Cultural Menu [Asia]
TABLE/BENCH: Unrepentant Korean Grill Table & Bench
TOP CENTER: BluPrintz BBQ Pork Buns JP
ON BOTTOM LEFT & BOTTOM RIGHT: BluPrintz Melonpan w/Napkin
ABOVE THE MELONPANS ON EITHER SIDE: BluPrintz Steamed Buns Cute & Plain
ON PLATES BETWEEN SOUP BOWLS: <Soul Mates> Jelly-Fishy Gin Matsuba & Rainbow Rare [Gacha]
ON WOODEN PLATES: <Soul Mates> Balut
TOP LEFT: <Soul Mates> Char Siew Bao
ON SMALL BLUE RIMMED PLATES: <Soul Mates> Eggtarts Birdnest & Normal
SOUP BOWLS: <Soul Mates> Ozoni Soup Dragon Rare & Rabbit [Gacha]
ON GREEN DISH: <Soul Mates> Tortoise Cakes
GREY DISHES: <Soul Mates> Wagashi Momiji & Sakura
ON THE GRILL: Unrepentant Pile o’Poop Bread Rare [Gacha] [On grill]
ON WHITE PLATES: Unrepentant Plate o’Poop Bread Green Tea & Strawberry [Gacha]


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