Wayward Home

I don’t regularly blog home items nor am I an interior decorator extraordinaire lol but I do like decorating. In this post I will show you some items available for the Wayward Hunt which is a FREE hunt. Visit the website which I’ve linked a billion times to see all the hunt prizes, lms & hints ❤ I apologize this post didn’t happen sooner… I am scatter brained and kept pushing this hunt off until the last possible minute [go figure] But it doesn’t end until tomorrow so there is still time so get to hunting!
PicMonkey Collage1
I love The Far Away sim and the random pieces of furniture just sitting around everywhere. That’s where I got inspiration for placing pieces in the yard. The piano is from +Pepper+, the bench is from Kalopsia and the wall hanging/lights are from Toro.
The welcome sign is the free prize from frogStar. The other stuff in the background is 8f8 Primavera in Toscana Cupboard, Scarlet Creative Amelie Couch, Dust Bunny Kitchen & Aphrodite Thanksgiving/Christmas Luxury Table Set.
These tea kettle lamps are the free prize from Oyasumi.
I hope I didn’t get your hopes up too much but the only freebie here is the bird bath wall decal from [free bird]. HOWEVER, as I was looking around Kalopsia for her prize I found this beautiful set for $100L. It comes with the flowery gazebo, table & chairs. [The fabric is color change.] Not a bad price for all you get ^^ Sorry I couldn’t get a bigger picture. The outdoor space is small and my camera angle kept going into the house whenever I would try to zoom out >:|