You should’ve known better

I’m gonna love you until you hate me
And I’m gonna show you what’s really crazy
You should’ve known better than to mess with me, honey
I’m gonna love you…like a Black Widow baby ❤
Not much to say here really just that I happen to dig Iggy Azalea and her collab with Rita Ora for Black Widow is no exception. I listened to it on repeat while doing this post =X I have no shame when I find stuff I like. It’s like musical crack to me. Not that I would know a buttload of crap about crack…
HAIR: Tameless Erica Naturals
SKIN: Tameless Valorie Bronze
EYES: Chus! Poppet Lens in Sea
TRENCH COAT: Loordes of London L’Experience Haute Trench Coat Blue/Black @ Fi*Friday
EARRINGS: Loordes of London Ceramic Earrring Blue @ The Wash
NECKLACE: Loordes of London Ceramic Necklace Blue
HANDGUN: Demise of Flight Handgun Baby 1 w/Pose
RIFLE: -G3 Assault Rifle 2.355 @ Zombie Outbreak Sim [Free weapon. This is really fun sim btw. I just kinda sucked at it or I would’ve kept it up. Worth checking out especially with the month of Halloween upon us!]
SOCKS: *MUKA* Thigh Socks @ The Big Show
BOOTS: Loordes of London Vitolini Boots Black @ Fi*Friday