Our Dreams (Designers United)

ImageWhat if our dreams were everyday life?

Would you enjoy it?

You could fly through the skies, swim through hot chocolate, become best friends with Harry Potter, or take tea with the Mad Hatter!

But it could be a nightmare.

You could be chased through a maze by an angry clown… Coiled by a poisonous snake… Tortured in the most horrific way possible… Spend the rest of eternity with your ex…

Would you choose to live your dreams, if it included the nightmares?

But isn’t that just everyday life; taking the good with the bad?

Are dreams really that different to our everyday lives?

Just a little bit more surreal.


All items are from Designers United: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Clove/149/128/26

.Olive. The Choking Birdcage – Just Leather.

::BB:: Bubble Pipe.

Maitreya * Hera Dress.

Maitreya * Hera Skull.

Maitreya * Hera Stilts.