So I didn’t wait *too* long between this post and my previous post… Today I am showcasing an over the top adorable Gooble :] It’s one of the gatcha machine prizes available from ChiMia. There are other colors and whatnot but this one is a rare :] But they are all #totes #adorbs ❤ And I WANT ONE IN REAL LIFE DAMNIT!!!

GoobleGoodness2>> HAIR << . ploom . [Formerly Deviant Kitties] Discontinued hairstyle BUT they have TONS of cute styles so check them out anyway :]
>> SKIN << *Amacci* Liane (Goth) – Silver [Old Group Gift – Subscribo group FREE to join ANDD they have a wall of FREEbies]
>> EYES << *Cupcakes Sugar Eyes
>> GOOBLE << ChiMia Gooble Gatcha Devilish RARE [Be sure to slap the Subscribo while you’re there and their group for FREE, then check out all their other gatchas and items for sale!!!]
>> DRESS << Overhigh. Striped Dress in Black – Also available in Creme [Group Gift – FREE to join]
>> BOOTS/STOCKINGS << :: ENVIOUS :: Part of MM Gift “So Crazy” [She always has full outfits up for grabs on 2 MM boards – One for everyone, one for the group which is FREE to join]
>> WINGS << Sn@tch Old Freebie [Still a few FREEbies on the front counter]

DAFHDSLKJRAEPWRUIAGH;LDKFGAHDSLGFHEORIUAPDFJ The store where I got the horns on my head has disappeared >:[ I will keep stalking it though and if it pops back up, I will blog about it LOL


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